History Repeats Itself

When they said "history repeats itself," I wasn't expecting all of the 20th century in two years.

4 thoughts on “History Repeats Itself”

  1. Boo ho ho, grow a pair!

  2. So Biden can leave the Taliban billions in military equipment but can’t spare a few planes for Ukraine? Maybe he could use the planes he’s using to fly illegal immigrants all over the US and dropping them off in the dead of night to help evacuate refugees back to the US. Don’t hold your breath.

  3. Amazing what BS the alt-right in the US believes. No wonder the US are a failed state.
    Apart from that: What help would be planes to Ukraine? The Russians destroyed the air bases. Stingers would be better to keep the Russians out of the skies.

  4. Oh, Jethro… it’s so amusing how you think you know what’s going on. Your maw and uncle-daddy must be so proud of their youngin!


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