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I picked a useless college major the will never let me pay off my student loans so...


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  1. The Truthgiver February 27, 2020

    Useless doesn’t mean worthless.
    It’s rich people wanting you to think you should work your as* off while they live an easy life of your time and sweat. They make it useless as you are their slave.

    • The Truthgiver February 28, 2020

      Disreguard my post above. I took a nap and my edgy 12 year old son thought he’d be funny. Wait untill he has to watch Bernie lose as a 3rd party candidate. #GoodTimes

    • The Truthgiver February 28, 2020

      You know I was lying, right?

      No? Wow you’re dumb.

    • The Truthgiver February 28, 2020

      *lol* I have no kids and i don’t care for American elections. I live in a free country. Nice try though.

    • Anonymous March 3, 2020


    • This is the most “mature” thing I have ever read……..sarcasm very much so intended.

    • Anonymous March 4, 2020


    • It’s worthless if you can’t even pay for the student loan , it’s worse than worthless.

    • Anonymous March 4, 2020

      But what if the rich had to work there ass off to get rich

    • Anonymous March 4, 2020

      Hey smartass that’s how it works, you have to work your ass off to make it, you want a freaking handout, stop wining ! Even young beggars in Mumbai offer a trade for money, a flower a piece of fruit, maybe you can learn from them and try to develop a character

    • Anonymous March 5, 2020

      No, you created a debt and it is yours. I paid for my degree and helped my children get theirs. Made sure they got a degree in something that constantly advertised jobs. I am not rich and I am not your sugar daddy. Get off your butt and support yourself and pay off your debts.

    • Rich people worked their ass off to become rich usually…. living the american dream.

  2. US is so f***** up. Huge loans to get useless degrees. Super rich and homeless poor. Comparing to that EU, even with immigrants from Africa, seem like paradise.

    • The situation is exactly the same here. Filthy rich people, middle class shrinking and a lot of homeless people.

    • How is here for everyone?

    • Anonymous March 4, 2020

      You can have it

    • As an American transplant here in Sweden, I can say that America is a Sh”t Show. Our wages are higher, cost of living is cheapest I’ve ever seen. Here we enjoy free healthcare, free education and our streets are clean and so are the citizens. There’s already a plan in place for everything. Marijuana is plentiful and legal. People are generally happy. It’s a different world here honestly. I’ll never go back to the States.

    • Anonymous March 5, 2020

      Move then!

    • Weishaupt March 9, 2020

      Last time I checked there is no requirement of having a tertiary education. If one thinks that the degree is useless, why in all blazes they would want to pay a lot of money for it? Seriously, there is a lot of menial jobs that pay decent money and give opportunity to get sought-after specialization. You may laugh that a construction welder is a unsophisticated guy (but you might be surprised) but at least he makes more than someone with ‘useless’ degree.

      @Brandon – On the other hand, you pay 50% of your income in taxes (sure, you still remain with a decent income). But then again, there is Switzerland, where taxes are comparable to those in some states while the average standard of living is one of the highest in Europe.

  3. The Lone Wonderer February 27, 2020

    I hate people that wear glasses that don’t need them. I EARNED those, I was bullied for over 15 years, it’s no good for “good” eyes and it belittles my pain. Damn hipsters.

  4. This page’s politics has taken a sharp turn toward rational of late.

    • It is edgy/controversial, not rational.

      I suppose they got bored of trying to find actually funny pictures and started to post politics crap.

      On a related note, education should be accessible for free to everybody. That’s because a future einstein may be born in the slums of your country. Those people become national assets later… but only if they have access to proper education. By installing a toll booth on the road of knowledge, a country only hurts itself in the long term.

    • Trump supporter February 28, 2020

      Socialist communist lefty BS rant. If Darwinism kills him he is no Einstein. And some God stuff. Because. Trump beloved leader. MAGA.

  5. I guess you’d need to go to college to understand that student loans only exists because of rich people trying to keep poor people down. Whether you stay dumb without an education, or get smart with a degree, in ‘Murica the rich own you.

    • Congratulations! You have won the Asinine Comment of the Week Award!!!

    • Anonymous March 4, 2020

      Lol so you think college make you smart?

    • college offer what people want….. and some parents told their kids you can grow and do whatever you want and some chose worthless degrees…. truth you cannot. The parents did not do these kids any favors letting them believe in fairytales.

    • Or, colleges and universities charge fees because buildings, Facilities, utilities, custodians, staff and teachers, all have to be paid. I worked At a JOB, raised three kids, commuted 80 miles RT took applied for grants and a very small loan ( due to my working and paying as I went) to get my degree. It’s one of my most valued possessions. Because I EARNED it. Silly me. It never occurred to me to be a mooch

  6. I think I’ve seen footage of her screaming and crying at an anti-Trump rally.

  7. Learn to code.

  8. She has the potential of hotness. Yet the dystopian bubble dialogs mitigate any potential she may have.

  9. Isn’t it great when you can just judge an entire generation of people after reading a meme?

    The important fact is that college should be less expensive.

    Plenty of people are making good money helping to build webpages and advertisements of all kinds after majoring in art & graphics design.

    • I was born judging.

    • College CAN be less expensive, if you make the right choices. If you choose to live with all of the luxuries of life, if you choose a private or out-of-state college, then it will be expensive. If you realize you DO NOT NEED a $1200 iPhone, a $20,000 car, and live in a luxury apartment while going to school in a private out of state college, then it can be quite affordable.

      Don’t believe when the schools tell you that you have to go to college to get a well paying job.
      Go a local school and learn a trade. A plumber, electrician, or HVAC tech with ten years of experience can make upwards of six figures, and there will always be a need for them. A master diesel mechanic will typically pull down $60k, and are also always needed.

    • @Anus
      I have yet to meet an arts student who can operate a Premier console. I get so frustrated with the graphics department that I fire up Camtasia and do my own videos for documenting system operations. And putting an Art student in charge of a WordPress web is like putting Hitler in charge of EUCOM. **** art majors.

    • Anonymous March 4, 2020

      Try telling that to the professors

  10. So the cartoonish thought here is that people who made poorer choices in a college major that was earned starting at age 18 are transformed into “socialists’ who *blame* the rich” at age 23 or 24.

  11. It’s the colleges increasing tuition and useless books that cause the cost of college to go up. Then they have the nerve to complain about medical and other costs increasing. Yes and fools that get more loan then they should. Find a way, pay your way, or refund all college costs for those who did pay their way before forgiving any loan.

    • J M Keynes March 2, 2020

      It’s supply and demand. With every high school in the country telling their students that they HAVE to go to college if they want a decent paying job, many colleges are bursting at the seems. As long as the demand is there, the price continues to climb.

    • Anonymous March 4, 2020

      College is a business, like any other – to make money. The fact they tenure professors at absurd salaries drives a significant portion of the costs. Kids don’t have to go to conventional college, get an online degree that has practical utility or learn a skill so that you are prepared to provide for yourself.

  12. Anonymous March 3, 2020

    Government decided it needed to be in the Education busines at which point they took away school choice and started loaning high amounts of money for long periods if time to children with no job. The government is giving colleges tax-payer money while colleges go up on tuition each year. The wealthy are paying iff schools fir their rich, spoiled kids while the middle class borrows to go to the big name colleges only to be taught that the United States is horrible & Socialism is WONDERFUL because EVERYTHING IS FREE.
    Our children must also be taught by Marxists & Socislists and are NOT allowed to question the Dictators running the classrooms because they come out knowing nothing and dependent on government to provide for them and NOT A CLUE that NOTHING IS FREE!!! Seems they also forgot EVERYTHING their parents might have taught them before they left for college because they revert to their 2yr old temper tantrums days and needing their baby blankets, naps & pacifier.

  13. Chris du Plessis March 4, 2020

    right-on …..LOL. Goodluck with you bright future, just dont have any children please …

  14. Bernie Sanders=BS. March 4, 2020

    After spending $000000.00 in collage, I make $115000k driving a truck😉

  15. Question is why in capitalism system there is a useless major in college?

  16. Anonymous March 4, 2020

    The millennial generation is a total disaster. One that will burden our society for a long time to come. Now watch the millennials on here respond in all their , parasitic, triggered snowflake glory…

  17. Anonymous March 4, 2020

    Grow up. It’s NO ONE’S fault if you’re rich or poor except your own. Get an education in HS, get a degree in trade skills and learn how to ACTUALLY DO something besides whine about what you don’t have, blame everyone else for it and then bend over so someone can wipe your ass for you. Learn how to feed yourself and wipe your OWN ass!

  18. Nuke med yech March 4, 2020

    Join the military, use the GI Bill to pay for your education. No debt. If you get a useless degree be happy with your career as a barista and not having a payment. We will see each other every morning when I go to my job that pays me a living wage.

  19. Following the tragic assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, up to and including the present, there have been four more Presidents from the Democratic Party; Lyndon Johnson, (1963-69); Jimmie Carter (1977-81); Bill Clinton (1993-2001); and Barack Obama, ( 2009-?). Under their individual and collective brand of so-called leadership, the United States of America and her people have been steadily and systematically dismantled, fragmented, weakened, and mercilessly abused. During these past 50 years, thanks to the national Democrats and the left-wing allies in Congress, the White House and our Federal Court System, the national Democratic Party has become America’s largest and most powerful “hate group”.

    Lyndon Johnson, also known as “LBJ” took America into the malicious morass of the Vietnam war, and into the abyss of the equally malicious lie known as the “Great Society”, spending hundreds of billions of dollars on a vast system of socialist welfare spending that perpetuated poverty, especially in our cities and our minority communities, in a deliberate move to weaken the poor and less advantaged into federal dependency. At the same time, we fought an undeclared war in Vietnam and Southeast Asia for a decade, resulting in more than 58,000 needless deaths in the U.S. Military, only to lose the war and witness the humiliation of reunification of North and South Vietnam into one Communist nation. LBJ partnered with another, degenerate member of the Kennedy clan, Ted Kennedy, to engineer passage in 1965 of new immigration laws that started the stampede of mass legal and illegal immigration that eventually evolved into the “open borders” mess that brings in terrorists, America-haters and uneducated millions who promptly entered the social welfare system immediately upon arrival.

  20. Anonymous March 4, 2020

    Ok the Democrats created the U.S. Department of Education in the 1970’s under then President Carter, they stocked with their people. FF to 2010 U.S. Dept. of Education takes over ALL student loans (meaning No banks can even offer student loans). So you fail to see its the Democrats that are screwing you and allowing you to dig a hole by letting you borrow Hundreds of Thousands of dollars for Any Major you want. When private Banks controlled Student lending they advised you that the Major you’re trying to get a loan for will not allow you to pay off your debt, thus they would deny the loan for that particular major. Once the Government took over student loans College’s started price gouging and rasing tuition knowing that they (the College’s and University’s) would be paid no matter what with no oversight. You claim to want an education but can’t even look up and understand how the system works.

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