Gallery of Pets That Got Themselves Hilariously Trapped

8 thoughts on “Gallery of Pets That Got Themselves Hilariously Trapped”

  1. What do you expect? Dogs and cats ain’t as smart as humans. Humans never git theyselfs into situations they can’t git our of.

  2. Actually they’re not trapped. Animals have advanced instincts to get themselves out of trouble. Human do not. That’s why some people drown trying to rescue their dogs – if they calmed down and trusted their pet all would end well. People are stupid.

  3. Actually it’s the reverse Bubba. As an aside, I have a son called Joe Bob.

  4. Our Joe Bob says. “Welcome to the family., Can ya git us some tequilia cheap?”

  5. Some of these are, in fact, trapped. I’m just questioning the “themselves” part.

  6. Corgis! *collective awwww*

  7. Cats > Dogs > Corgis. Fact!

  8. Catman < Cats < Dogs. Fact.

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