Men Recreating Stereotypical Pin-Up Photos To Show How Ridiculous They Are

In this funny parody series entitled “Men-Ups”, photographer Rion Sabean captured men in stereotypical pin-up poses typically associated with women. The series was so successful that it even spawned a calendar which promptly sold-out.

13 thoughts on “Men Recreating Stereotypical Pin-Up Photos To Show How Ridiculous They Are”

  1. Which one is Dat’s dad?

  2. The guy that’s sleeping with your mother, brother.

  3. All of them……

  4. Lolfosor hurts

  5. How exactly does this show that old pin ups are ridiculous?

  6. No kidding, do ‘em with sexy wimmens and they are hawt!

  7. Exactly. If you put men in poses that are meant to enhance the female form and its sexual allure, of course it’s going to look ridiculous. Sexy pictures of men don’t include hourglass figures and pushed up boobs, but in sexy pictures of women they make sense.

  8. Without the originals this is just some gay men album…

  9. Where are the cats?

  10. If you don’t get this you are more animal than man.

  11. Dat is confused because his mom was not liberal enough to support abortions. And doesn’t know how to blame her and praise her at the same time.

  12. If you hate women, like the author of the post, it does.

  13. I find it kind of cute :-)

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