High Salary Should Be Payed To Incompetent Workers

It makes no sense that high salaries are offered only to skilled employees. Accomplishing the same tasks when you don’t know what you’re doing is much more challenging.

You're asking a pretty high salary for someone with no experience. Well, this job is going to be super hard since I don't know what I'm doing.

28 thoughts on “High Salary Should Be Payed To Incompetent Workers”

  1. That explains Joe’s salary…

  2. Pretend you don’t know anything and get people to show you how to do it effectively making them do the work for you.

  3. Every politician. Profession: Imcompetence.

  4. New house speaker believes strongly in creationism. Welcome to the stone age my American friends.

  5. Trump is going to ban all guns when re-elected. He stated there are
    way to many crazy people in this country.

  6. Why is their never ANY discussion of Canadian politics on this Canadian site? Hmmm.. I read daily about the problems and outright scandals out here in the uncensored world. But never a peep on an in country platform. Mini Hitler has done his job well I guess.

  7. Maybe there are no Canadians here at all. Except you weirdo.

  8. We would have to give equal time to our extremely whinny citizens
    in Quebec. In French of course.

  9. I’m Canadian and we think people who hate Trudeau are just secret trumpet players. I mean Trudeau is an idiot but not a big enough idiot to garnish that much hate! So he has crazy socks, if that’s your measure on whether or not a leader is worthy, id be more worried about the voters then the politicians. Harper was cool but his party had an anal leakage bad enough for a pair of depends!

  10. I see Trudeau’s ex is now dating her ex. This is soap opera stuff.

  11. So you invent your own Canadians because you are all alone here?

  12. “Trudeau is an idiot but not big enough to garnish that much Hate”. Maybe who your talking about hates Trump, but tires of the constant hate directed at the US. A few Trudeau jabs and it’s Reeee! But 24/7/365 American bashing is completely normal. Waaaa 😫 we can dish it out but can’t take it. Also Trump wasn’t euthanizing 4% of his countrymen or breaking the Nuremberg Codes to force the jab. I’d say he is far more dangerous then an idiot. I’d call him a murdering dictator, but hey, you do you.

  13. If only that company could institute a DIE policy with intersectional quota’s where employees are judged not by the content of their character or skill sets they poses but by how much melanin is in their skin.

  14. You mean the US can’t take the bashing? Snowflakes. Reeee.

  15. If Canada euthanized 4 percent of its population then it has to euthanize around 1.5 million people. We’ve butchered cows smarter then you! Can you add and subtract? Or are you limited to Emojis only?

  16. It’s from your Government’s own annual MAID report. 4.3% of deaths were from euthanasia. Sorry. Didn’t state it correctly. Maybe you should go read it. Pretty scary 😦.

  17. You shall get cancer too and they won’t let you get any treatment except the ususal palliative care. I hope you’ll beg to be able to die but a conservative physician will keep you alive as long as possible. Treating your pain and suffering once meds won’t work anymore with bible verses. 👍🏻

  18. And by the way, have you read the whole report? And understood it? Did you get that number from some dumb youtuber? Do you know anything about the regulations and controls? I guess not. Enjoy your cancer.

  19. What was scary? That the average age was 77? That most of the has cancer? That 3.5% was not expected to die shortly anyway (with an average age of 73)? That people were refused because their condition was not bad enough or were deemed mentally unfit to make this desision? No, you didn’t read it at all because it conflicts with your “facts.”

  20. The maid program is awesome! Everytime your grandparents or parent

  21. I too so hope that guy suffers before his demise too. And no suicide pill for him.

  22. I will defend the killing of helpless mentally distressed people to the death! Years later: Wait.. I’m only 63.. I lost my wife to cancer and was sad.. let go of me! I’m feeling better now… Help! No..

  23. Forty and healthy but in mourn? The doctor rejects your application and sends you to a mental support professional. Across the border to the south, however, you buy a gun at wallmart and shoot yourself (and some other customers, if you feel like it), cause that is legal…

  24. That’s what they said in Canada.. I mean Germany in the 30’s. You know the old saying about I said nothing when they came for the weak and the sick because I wasn’t weak or sick.. That’s where Canada is going. Enjoy the ride.

  25. Unlikely; once the Germans realized what was going on, they objected strongly. It is one of the rare cases where the dictator was swayed by public opinion and withdrew his approval.

  26. As if that guy knew anything about history. All he parrots out here he got from some facebook wacko or youtube nutj0b.

  27. “I’m feeling better now.” Obviously not. Still a tyrant. No wonder people near you lose all will to live.

  28. You probably don’t know either that similar laws exist in other countries, in some cases already for decades, and even in some US states.

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