Heavy Metal Band Name Generator

22 thoughts on “Heavy Metal Band Name Generator”

  1. Shallow Gravy

  2. Iron Rage

  3. Frantic Rage

  4. Bloody Kill

  5. Dark Cadmium
    Inner Chromium
    Fallen Cobalt
    Holy Nickel
    Forbidden Copper
    Evil Molybdenum
    Troubled Iron
    Satan’s Mercury
    Raging Plutonium
    Bleeding Lead

  6. please stop, this hurts my soul.

  7. Holy Death

  8. ☻ Forsaken Soldier ☻

  9. Ha ha America rules!!!!

  10. Metallica

  11. Rancid Tendencies? No thanks.

  12. Hmm would suck if your initials were: C.V

  13. Hells empire i like

  14. indeed

  15. Illegal gods

  16. Holy Spawn

  17. Rancid Death

  18. Iron Spawn

  19. dark thorn

  20. Rancid Warriors

  21. Witchs Fury yeah!

  22. Evil angles

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