Heath And Heather: Which One Is More Heatherish?

Which of these lovely people is more Heatherish – Heath or Heather? Please let us know in the comments, because it actually is a competition. Heath is saying that it is not, because he’s just afraid to lose.

Hi, my name is Heath. Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Heather. This isn't a competition.

20 thoughts on “Heath And Heather: Which One Is More Heatherish?”

  1. Ya well my name is heatherly, bitch!

  2. 89.3 million, did you little people hear me 89.3 million. I am being
    screwed over one little screw from years back. I am appealing to
    all my little lap dogs for donations. No need to bore me with your
    names. All I am interested in is your cash.

  3. My name is Cash!

  4. In order to bring the country… I once called for the… No one can ask us too… Thgdszkkubbtfhjmhfdbm again!

    Actual statement from Biden. He then started screaming something something no one could understand. People simply cannot vote for this senile old man. Get over it.

  5. Biden might be senile. Trump is clearly demented. He mixes up people, countries, words. And he lost all impulse control. Get aggressive. Doesn’t respect authority. Needs both hands to hold a glass of water. His way of standing a symptom. Clear signs of severe dementia. He is in the age anyway.

  6. Trump’s dementia was caused from his facial makeup and hair dye
    leaching into his thick skull. His Viagra prescription is also influencing
    his decision making. With his wife sleeping in a separate locked
    bedroom, and aggressive behaviour costing him 88.3 million bucks
    he must now rely on his right hand to reach a solution (No pun intended).

  7. The Marxist defender start their rebuttal with, Biden might be senile but.. haha. This isn’t Canada for Gods sake.

  8. So, you ran out of arguments. No wonder they banned you from Canada.

  9. Separate bedrooms. You know why? One name: Epstein.

  10. The claim that Biden is senile comes from one source – Trump. Biden is actually very coherent – he does speak quite deliberately but that’s not a sign of dementia – just that he’s learned to overcome his stutter.

    Meanwhile it’s very clear that Trump is suffering from dementia. He’s been sundowning for years. If in doubt listen to him speak today and compare that to his speech patterns of a few years back – even the 2016 election campaign. And if you look back 10 or 15 years there is no comparison whatsoever.

  11. Naw I just think trump is really REALLY stupid so it comes off as dementia!

  12. So people rather vote a stupid idiot than a stutterer. And before that they rather voted the stupid idiot than a competent woman. Tell us much about the American people. Can they be trusted with their own country?

  13. Trump Biden is great!

  14. No rational person would vote for either. Stop sniffin’ glue. When they call it a party, it’s not meant literally…🤬

  15. If you don’t, you vote for Trump.

  16. I Win!

  17. Worry. About. Your. Own. Country. For once.

  18. It’s all just a show for useful idiots. When the cameras are off, they’re laughin’ it up, doin’ crack, and sharin’ an intern.

  19. There’s that Karen telling people which countries they are all allowed to talk about!

    Go. Home. Karen.

  20. We have free speech in our countries too. You don’t have a monopoly on that, America. 🤣

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