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  1. 35 is an average. A lot of them died as kids, a lot of them died very old.

  2. the Bible clearly states that people use to live 500 to 1000 years.

    • MeAndMiniMe February 4, 2016

      thank you – at least one educated commentator on this side

    • They just tried to follow the generations discribed in the bible and came to those nonsense numbers. The truth is none of the many authors of the bible ever came to the idea one would be moronic enough to calculate the lifespans of the mostly fictional charakters in this epic fantasy novel.

    • If it is in the bible it is pure fact, science has shown this to be the truth ….. ….. ….. yup totally 500% true story

    • Friends with bears February 4, 2016

      Yeah but the days were only an hour long back then.

    • OppressedFreedom February 5, 2016

      Theres no proof that big bangs or evolution either.
      Quit dissing topics you dont study

    • Friends with bears February 5, 2016

      Actually Big Bang is just religion disguised as science… Basically the whole ‘let there be light’, but put in more complicated terms to make people think it’s scientific.

  3. AndroidBetterThanApple February 6, 2016

    The amount of idiots who try to crush any religious folk are absurd.
    One should be free to believe in God without being mocked for it.
    And for anyone who asks. Yes. I am a Christian.
    And no. You can’t change my mind

  4. We still live the same 35 years, the rest is a slow, painful and expensive death.

  5. He hasn’t died.. he still very much Alive through me…

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