For All The Health Nuts And Organic Eaters Out There

Gets plenty of exercise, drinks pure water, breathes pollution free air, eats free range organic diet... dead by age 35.

25 thoughts on “For All The Health Nuts And Organic Eaters Out There”

  1. Projection of the American family after four more years of Trump in 2028.

  2. Woodstock was quite the event…☮️

  3. So interesting how “romantic” of a scene the artist imagined.
    No way they were that clean and pale skinned running around half nekkid all day.

  4. The Roman’s ate the mediterranean diet. The Hun ate Bush meat. The Hun defeated the Romans.

  5. Climate change displaced the Hun. Climate change defeated the Romans.

  6. It’s actually a Democrat ad for the Green New Deal’s socialism that we plan to enforce globally. You will eat the bugs, you will own nothing, and you will thank us for it.

  7. @anon
    twitter . com/wilderfortruth/status/1414681859099930625

  8. Really!? Leading a healthy life doesn’t protect you from arrows and mammoth tusks!? Who knew..?

  9. Twitter is blocked.

  10. Lately I’m starting to doubt this “everyone died by the age of 35” theme. Granted they had problems, diseases etc, but if one was careful enough, i don’t see how they wouldn’t survive past 70-80 + it’s pretty difficult to find remains in general, not even mentioning the more aged remains etc.
    + living 35 years in nature sounds like a fulfilling enough life compared to 70 years of constant stress about salary, cancer, status, tiktok views and whether one can afford the next iphone without sacrificing a kidney.
    Why in the hell am I even commenting this website…

  11. I’m starting to wonder why people don’t trust the experts anymore. Some folks have spent their entire lives studying ancient man.

    Hundreds of people:
    Spend 8 years getting a PHD.
    Spend years doing actual research in the field.
    Write papers summarizing findings.
    Papers gets pier reviewed by other PHDs.

    Some dude on the internet: ” That’s B.S.”

  12. These people might have had a life expectency at birth (LEB) of 35 years or a bit more. This does absolutely not mean that they suddenly dropped dead at 35.
    It means that many died at birth or as infants, thus lowering LEB a lot compared to today. Women dying during childbirth and men dying hunting dangerous game also had an impact (although smaller).
    Those who survived childhood had a decent chance to make it to 60-70.

  13. Hey, that’s my nick. But you are right.

  14. Pretty sure a 90 year old can out sprint a lion…

  15. I agree with your observation that many people erroneously think they know better than the experts. But in this partiucular example, you are clearly not aware of what the experts think.

  16. Would’ve lived longer if vaccinated.

  17. Hmya, true. *shrug*

  18. Life expectancy was low since children . But if you managed to live to be an adult, you could live to 50 or 60 or even 70 years if you didn’t die from a disease.

  19. More would live longer if natural immunity were allowed to develop.

  20. The development of natural immunity is triggered by the vaccine, while at the same time drastically reducing the risks.

  21. That’s a much higher life expectancy than in the today USA. Even without healthcare. Country of Death.

  22. I hope many rightards, Trump voters, fascists, religious fanatics, esoterics, flat earthers, and other asocial scum will try to get natural immunity. The more the better. That should wipe many out. Make planet Earth great again.

  23. @Anon
    :The development of natural immunity is triggered by the vaccine,:
    By what mechanism is it triggered?

  24. Natural healthy life expectancy for neolithic people was roughly 60-65 years. A lot of them died earlier from diseases (no medicine around) and accidents (larger prey can fight back) with an occasional bout of starvation. But analysis of the bone remains shows that they were in generally very good health. Today, in well-developed countries we have fended off most bacterial and viral diseases through development of medicine and countrywide protection systems, deaths during or following childbirth are extremely rare, yet the quality of cardiovascular health plummeted due to sedentary lifestyle, deliberate poisoning (through inhalation of tobacco and consumption of alcohol) and poor dietary habits.

  25. Actually, you’re right. Average age is down-weighted by infant mortality. If you managed to get to adolescence, you had a pretty good chance of making 60 years old.

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