Always Seek Second Opinion

Second opinion.

22 thoughts on “Always Seek Second Opinion”

  1. fat shaming

  2. LOL, more Brits

  3. I’m deeply offended by your insensitive ridicule of the weight challenged. I’m also kinda hungry….

  4. The equipment shows, they are Americans. Sorry, loser.

  5. It’s not shaming if you are fat

  6. Umm, NO. The the stupid millakalometers on the tape. BRITS for sure.

  7. Nah the guy is obviously very stupid so must be American

  8. Not with those boobs

  9. Brits use the metric systems. American medical tapes use both systems. The metric and the ancient one.

  10. That’s a classic joke by Rodney Dangerfield

  11. This joke is so old,… “How old is it?,… the Greeks were not even laughing because it predated them.

  12. Well since Americans are all racists and white supremacist it has to be a Brit. They don’t allow any COLORED Doctors to practice on whites. It’s a felony there.

  13. Promise us you will never breed

  14. More tolerant then Islam but okay 👌

  15. He’s right, though. USA is an apartheid state.

  16. Are you sure? USA are christian Iran.

  17. I’m sure. Islam is the least tolerant ideology on earth. Most horrifically violent as well. No question. It’s why America hates them.

  18. Islam Is Right About Women

  19. Says the non-tolerant and violent American.

  20. Depends on the line you read. I’m sure there are lots of suras for incels like you.

  21. Watch the crowd on the curry mile threaten the police. Are you blind or just dumb?

  22. Right into your arms, my love?

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