Meet Loki: The Grumpiest Sphynx Cat Ever

Loki is an Instagram-famous cat who looks like an old man shouting at you to get off his lawn. He’s even grumpier than the original grumpy cat who took internet by the storm some time ago.

He hates Christmas.

This is how I look on my way to work.

He's not amused.

Grumpiest cat ever.

Angriest cat ever.

He doesn't want to kiss.

The grumpiest hotdog ever.

This cat hates everything.

This cat despises everything.

This cat doesn't like selfies.

This cat is not in the mood for... anything really.

This cat hates you. Plain and simple.

World's grumpiest cat.

This cat hates everything you like.

Grumpy sphynx cat.

He's always like this.

He hates everything you like.

Grumpiest cat ever.

Grumpy cat sitting at the table.

10 thoughts on “Meet Loki: The Grumpiest Sphynx Cat Ever”

  1. He’s pissed because of all the stupid outfits

  2. Loki was a super handsome guy but passed away unexpectedly. His mom and dad miss him a lot, I’m sure.

  3. Yeah if my owner made me wear all that stuff, I’d probably be grumpy too

  4. Yeah well. I don’t really know how to feel about this one. But still, this cat > dogs.

    – CatMan

  5. This is what Haha looks like on his good days.

  6. Well he/she has reason to be angry. Some very very weird people spent generations to breed you to look like Satans baby after a too long bath. I would be angry too.

  7. Dobby is a free cat!

  8. For The Win!

  9. He should have a battle with grumpy cat for the the tittle the grumpiest of all cat in the world. Who would win? you can answer with a reply

  10. That isn’t a bloody cat, it’s effing Gollum.

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