Do You Have Any Books On Turtles?

Did you know turtles can breathe through their butts? Yes, it’s actually the truth. We found out about it in this educational video. You should check it out.

Do you have any books on turtles? Hardback? Yeah, with little heads.

23 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Books On Turtles?”

  1. Now that Biden is gone do you think Canada will be able to free itself from the maddness of Trudeau?

  2. Trudeau, what a smirking arrogant SOB. No wonder his wife gave
    him the boot.

  3. A conservative will only ever talk about every other party other than their own, they know better then to open that shit hole!

  4. They do because they also can breath through it. Crap comes out the other end.

  5. How do you solve a problem like Kamala?
    How do you get Willie Brown to pin her down?
    How do you find a word that means Kamala?
    A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!
    Many a thing you know you’d like to tell her
    Many a thing she ought to understand

  6. Speaking of wife’s of smirking arrogant SOBs, where is Melania?

  7. Thoughts and prayers to The Party(D) in their time of confusion and angst. Hopefully they won’t fire on Fort Sumper again.

  8. Fort Sumper, LOL. Is there a penalty in the GOP for getting facts correct?

  9. How do you get a one armed trump supporter out of a tree? Wave! Very easy to work these clowns into blonde jokes!

  10. Biden supporters,
    If Joe was not president but was a close family member, what would you trust him to do? Get himself a glass of water? Go check the mail? Go to the store on his own? Help the grand kids run a lemon aid stand? Count $20 in singles? Use the stove unsupervised? Do you think you could leave him alone in the house to take care of himself for two days?

    No. None of these.
    I keep waiting to hear he sold Alaska back to the Russians for a handful of magic beans.

  11. You would not trust Donald with these challenges either.

  12. Anon. Why does one have to repeat the same lines in multiple comment sections? Afraid no one listen to you here either. Just like at home.

    But, nice cut and past anyway. Now don’t eat to much of the leftover paste or you will turn into Steve Miller, Trump’s number one advisor.

  13. Anonymous, Trump couldn’t even close an umbrella or find his limo while he walked around it but some think he is all there and competent enough to be president after showing his stuff last time. Better a slow thinker than a no thinker.

  14. Donald, Duck! – The genius needed to be repeated.

    Really, who here would let Joe use a stove unattended?

    After 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts, Multiple illegal trespasses,
    An ongoing cocaine and alcohol addiction,
    Committing 2 violent home invasions, 3 armed robberies,
    Passing counterfeit money, Beating 4 victims senseless.
    Being arrested 23 times since 1998,
    George Floyd has not committed a crime in over 4 years now…

  16. Biden, in one of his latest speeches said he was a black women. And he meant it. His hail Mary interview, done to convince American voters that he was fit to serve, disintegrated into ridiculousness. All these anti Trump posts just show how out of touch people really are. It’s not about Trump. It’s about how screwed up the Democratic Party looks trying to push this senile old man onto the American people. And I’m a life long Democratic. There is no other choice if Biden remains on the ballot. Only a fool could support this insanity.

  17. Donald’s tiny hands are not allowed to touch Melania’s lifted body anymore.

  18. So Joe is bad, let’s put the stupid orange guy in there instead, that’ll fix everything!

  19. We don’t want Joe the three legged, grey, old dog. We rather want the bloated dead, orange newt Donald. He’ll fix everything. Like last time… Dang.

  20. Neither Biden or Trump should be on the ballot. There is an entire generation in US politicians that need to get off the stage. Ruth Bater Biden is now going to take down the Democratic party over his refusal to step down. They don’t care about their country, only themselves. Luckily, American is a self correcting system so in the end it will right it’s own ship as it always has. Worry not for them. Focus on your own countries flaws, which are many.

  21. What country is that? You know how the Internet works, right doofus?

  22. Yes, we are currently seeing how America “corrects” itself!

  23. As it always has……. Like a smoker who’s quit a ton of times!

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