What Your Handshake Says About Your Career


7 thoughts on “What Your Handshake Says About Your Career”

  1. “The Janitor” is not an actual handshake. Technically it’s a gesticular adfamen. The AAPH (American Assiociation of Professional Handshakers) is very strict about this.

  2. Well that’s my one new thing learnt for today.

  3. Then again, it’s America. And when America has an opinion it’s kind of like that autistic kid in class – you just stare blank into the air and hopes he gives up.

  4. @Swedens Emperor:
    You do know that was a joke? Right…?

  5. Wait.. whaaat… so you are saying this is not a completely factual site??

  6. It. Was. A. Joke.
    There’s no such thing as a Professional Handshaker. OK? Relax…

  7. my new handshake knowledge should now boost my success rate

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