What Your Handshake Says About Your Career




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  1. Professional Handshaker July 28, 2015

    “The Janitor” is not an actual handshake. Technically it’s a gesticular adfamen. The AAPH (American Assiociation of Professional Handshakers) is very strict about this.

    • Well that’s my one new thing learnt for today.

    • Swedens Emperor July 28, 2015

      Then again, it’s America. And when America has an opinion it’s kind of like that autistic kid in class – you just stare blank into the air and hopes he gives up.

  2. Professional Handshaker July 28, 2015

    @Swedens Emperor:
    You do know that was a joke? Right…?

  3. Wait.. whaaat… so you are saying this is not a completely factual site??

    • Professional Handshaker July 29, 2015

      It. Was. A. Joke.
      There’s no such thing as a Professional Handshaker. OK? Relax…

  4. TheDarkOne July 30, 2015

    my new handshake knowledge should now boost my success rate

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