Brilliant Republican Logic

Republican logic: everyone in America having a gun will make us safer but everyone in America having healthcare destroy us.

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  1. Umm not exactly. Free health care… and it’s going to anyone, citizen or not. So… how does this work financially? And… no .. not everyone should have a gun. The person who created this photo is obviously too stupid to own a gun, for instance.

  2. Funny that other countries manage free healthcare and low weapon rate quite fine and rank far above the US. The US are actually a 2nd-world-shit-hole compared to other 1st-world-countries.
    But being proud is easier than being smart. Maga.

  3. If they take all our money to pay for free healthcare for everyone we won’t have enough money to buy guns….

  4. If you don’t think the USA is the greatest nation on earth, go live in a different country for a while.

  5. Need a gun in case Ratus, Zelda, Dat, Euro, Burnie, or Maduro come a call’in.

    Health care I pay for like groceries, gas, don’t need government intervention, and don’t need to subsidize an illegal.

  6. @Anus ymous’
    Please explain how free health care works. Please explain how your anti gun stance worked against the National Socialists 70 years ago to defend your country.

    Thanks so much.

  7. I do live in another country and it is awesome. The US is a great place to visit (love New Orleans, Savannah, kayaking the Everglades), but really would not want to live there.

  8. Not to worry. I’m smart enough not to go near a house that has a sprung couch in the front yard, waist high weeds, and a toothless half-wit chawing on the front porch.

  9. You disqualified yourself from the discussion due to the use of anus”.

  10. Seems to work great for the Americans I know. They don’t want back to the U.S. because they realizes how shitty the U.S. are.

  11. Don’t worry. I’m not in the pest controll business, PaygB.

  12. I don’t want to visit the U.S. Not as long as there are Americans. Too dangerous. Too many psychological instable people with guns, religious fanatics, drug addicts, rapists and other criminals. Plus a crooked president and an Orwell-State.
    Maybe Mexico and Canada should endeed pay a wall. To keep them in.

  13. Wow, good one on first sight, but I’ll explain it.

    1) not everybody should have guns, exactly no one should have guns paid by the state.

    2) everybody has the right to healthcare, just not paid by others.

    The “paid or not paid by others” is a distinction socialists really don’t get, do they?

  14. Everyone’s taxes pay for things they use and things they don’t use. That’s a distinction morons don’t really get, isn’t it?

    I don’t drive, have kids, any use for or interest in sports, or any respect for the space program, and yet my taxes support all things to one degree or another. But, because I like not living in a third world country, I don’t whine about it because yay! Healthcare.

  15. While it is true that the only person I know who has been shot was shot in Texas, I just can’t stop loving New Orleans. I never discuss politics while there though. Those people (the Trump ones) are crazy.

  16. This is supposed to be a humor site, not a political one.

  17. Fascist Trump scum ruined it.

  18. Direct hit.

  19. That’s because they are not democrats nor republicans. They are just fascists and extremists. They have no interest in democracy or the greater good. Just their own advantage. Dreaming their loser life will be replaced by some priviliged super-life under Trump rule.
    Like many Germans dreamt while they supported the nazis.

  20. 1) The only ones that should have guns are employees of the state, i.e. the police and the military.

    2) everybody has the right to healthcare, and only an insurance system involving everyone makes it affordable to everyone.

  21. Things went wrong in Germany in 1933 when the “Berlin swamp” was handed over to an uneducated racist millionaire dandy with an infinite believe in himself, without prior experience in public administration, and with a strong dislike of the free press. Surely, that will never happen in the US.

  22. Gun owners buy their own guns….

  23. Also, I’ve read the Constitution, and it mentions “Arms” but not “Healthcare”.

  24. Lame. Find me a prominent Republican who said either of those things.

  25. @william

    1) i don’t personally trust any government entity with exclusive access to firearms long term. I never will, and I will argue that, and keep my guns, thank you.

    2) everyone absolutely has a basic right to healthcare, housing, and food. To argue otherwise is asinine, because you are effectively arguning that a person is less important than yourself. This is a heart issue – and until we get at the root cause, people will continue to view themselves as more important and more worthy than others. Insurance as a healthcare system does not make it more affordable for everyone – in fact – the current insurance system is abysmal and bankrupting people. We need a real change.

  26. HAHA good response. Getting serious though Many say we can’t afford healthcare for all and they have a point – we can’t afford it the way it is now where it is totally designed to make a few people very rich. Pull the inflated profits out of the system and it will work well. An Indian company has a pacemaker in use that costs about $300 and work well. They are in use in many countries but not in the US. The major company that is fighting it and using their paid legislative puppets is Medtronic, who wells in the $20,000 range although their wb page curently says they are “only” $5,000 – $10,000
    Simply move back to “we the people” rather then “we the greedy corporate pigs” and you would be surprised how quickly this country could start doing great things again

  27. And often die by their own guns.

  28. You don’t need healthcare when you have a gun. Every sick can be easily euthanized.

  29. Trump.

  30. If you don’t trust your government it’s your mistake as a citizen. It always is if you have the right to vote.

  31. Only American pace makers from American workers. America first!

  32. I remember how well that went…

  33. @dat

    No, I don’t think it works that way. Just because I voted, doesn’t mean I trust the government to register my vote correctly, act in my best interest, or ultimately provide a better country for me.

    The people I vote for will never get into office. Does that mean, simply because I have the right to vote, that I should trust those that do?

    Nope. Just because I voted, doesn’t mean I trust anything about it.

  34. @Avdev

    1) a gun is not going to protect you against a malevolent government.

    2) insurance or government-enforced regulations with everybody paying a fair share of the bill, including those not needing medical help at the moment (but their moment will come), is the only way of keeping health care affordable for everyone.

  35. High time to modernize that constitution.

  36. You’re not saying, what? An amendment? An amendment will never fly. Americans would never allow anyone to meddle with their constitution.

  37. My health insurance is very good coverage with a low deductible. And it’s fully paid by employer. Why should I risk that for some program when the US govt screws up everything they touch?

  38. And feck everyone else? There it is – conservative philosophy in a nutshell.

  39. The pursuit of happiness allows anyone the chance to pursue what makes them happy. It does not guarantee a successful outcome.

  40. And feck everyone else? There it is – liberal philosophy in a nutshell.

    It doesn’t matter to the leftists what effort others have put forth to get where they are and want to keep what they’ve earned. The left believes they should be allowed to raid our checks at will to support their own philosophies and buy political support.

  41. One good thing about taxes is that government depends on them. Therefore they have to take care that the population is well.
    That’s why America doesn’t work. Many government responsibilities are privatized. So, why should the government care about your miserable life?
    Only with a working tax system and social government responsibilities a democracy can work. America is an oligarchy in the traditional sense in the moment. No democracy.

  42. The value of a human being is how they treat the most vulnerable. As it turns out, conservatives are of no value whatsoever. Worse, they are actively dangerous, what with their insistence in supporting any number of sexual predators and white supremacists simply because of the R after their name.

  43. More ridiculous generalization, false conclusions and appeal to emotion from the bigoted left.

    And I did not support the predator Bill Clinton or do not any white supremacist or other color group. Just more feeble insults from you as to be expected.

  44. @William
    Greeting card salesman was a millionaire?

  45. Herr H had no income actually. Admirers financed his VIP-life. He basicly never payed his taxes. Once he became the leader of the nation he helped himself out of the state treasury.
    As you can see the Führer wasn’t more thana con-man and a common thief.
    These are traits you can see in a lot of populist scum.

  46. “Funny that other countries manage free healthcare”

    name one, you idiot. Cuba maybe?
    All the rest have low-cost healthcare, which means the following
    1. You get almost free family doctor (or GP), who can write basic prescription drugs and send you to diagnostics. Trust me – if you have your own mind, you can research almost any superficial sympthom better than such a specialist.
    2. Your basic analysis are almost free – like bloodwork and urine samle test. I know in USA this would cost quite a lot, but bear with me – these basic tests are BASIC tests. They do not cure anything.
    3. Finally you get the whole big benefit – basic diagnostics are cheap. Very cheap – yeah, Xrays and stuff like that costs few euros.
    4. Let’s imagine you are very sick.
    Ruh roh! Time to pay – place in hospital costs money (not too much, but then again, people dont earn too much), medicine costs money, operations cost money.
    5. Yes, you can get free operations, but unless you have acute emergency, you are likely to wait in LINE. Yes, even terminally ill wait in line for treatment.
    So let’s imagine you got bone marrow cancer – options. sit around, hope it doesn’t spread and get free op. OR pay money and go to private clinic. Or pay bribes.

    Cons – we pay for this with out taxes. Yeah, everyone, even the poor pay rather hefty taxes, and since healthcare and shit is low cost, well, there are VERY SMALL benefit payments. So you free healthcare people remeber this – that you’ll HAVE TO FIND A JOB, STAT!.
    Secondly – doctors are paid quite little.
    Thirdly – You are giving money to STATE, one of the WORST SPENDERS, and hope state will provide you with excellent service. I have worked for state a lot, and about 50% of this money is quite simply wasted or transferred to friendly companies who provide crap service for huge price. I personally oppose giving ANY EXTRA MONEY to state. USA in particular have terrible governors (but at least not as bad as Russia, where they take few billions to build something and then most of that money vanishes). In USA they just make bad purchases.
    And just so you don’t get confused on whole “free” thing – state does not cover such things as dentistry, cosmetic operations, physiotherapy for non-disabled, psychoterapy etc etc. Basically anything that does not necessirily kill you, shall not be paid. Only severe cases shall be covered.
    So yeah – if you think free healthcare means at the first notice of headache or some confused brain you will be assigned a caring professional – tough luck.

    Also there have been serious talk about refusing medicine for people not paying taxes. So there.
    Paid medicine in USA should definitely be cheaper, but the costs come directly from the sphere being overregulated.
    However paid medicine allows USA to have the state of the art treatments, while rest of the world is mostly lagging behind.

    USA – you REALLY need to think what are your priorities. You can never have it all. You can’t have huge min, salary, free medicine, lots of cheap housing, endless jobs, immingration …
    Well, you can.. but in super low quality/value. Imagine – you build a paradise. You will have to cut immigration to zero, otherwise a cntry giving out free stuff? Well, sign me up.
    Or medicine is now free. Oh, you wanted to buy that suv? Well, your income tax says you’ll have to settle for bicycle.

  47. The government has to give out free guns if they’re giving free health care.

  48. why should smokers get a healthcare for lung cancer.

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