World’s Greatest Male Model

His stage name is Ahmed Angel and he’s a self-proclaimed supermodel and Facebook star. Featured below are some of his best photos.

23 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Male Model”

  1. World’s greatest at photoshopping?

  2. Love the stylish MONOBROW in ahmed8.jpg

  3. All this to find a boyfriend?

  4. @otto… I agree. Even the more realistic ones, like him getting out of the limo, are 100% photoshop.

  5. The question is… is this legit or is this a prank?

  6. Casting for a new Twilight movie?

  7. Such Russia. Much Sexy Beast. I do my little turn on the catwalk. So Amaze.

  8. Check out this dude’s eyes. I think he might be an infected

  9. My favorite is “He is planet”. What arabs lack in skills they often make up for in self-esteem.
    But seriously, even though i know he made all the pictures himself while crying, people actually get discovered like this today and get huge modeling careers. I’m unsure which is worse.



  12. I… I think I’m going Dorothy… There’s too many Teds…

  13. One of the 72 Virgins? Just asking?

  14. Dude, that’s clearly his father.

  15. My Gaydar is now broken.

  16. Hope he s gay. Or I miss the big pictural here

  17. All nastiness aside. I would not mind having eyelashes like that. Also his lipstick colour is nice. Hats off to him!

  18. Who says it’s a Man???

  19. No.

  20. Worst case of narcissism I’ve ever seen, I think he loves himself too much to search for a boyfriend

  21. Don’t know why you all keep saying “he” !!! I see no maleness there at all. I agree with Curtess. I don’t see anything even remotely close to being a man!

  22. his ego is compensating for something…..

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