Did You Know? If You Replace Potato Chips With Grapefruit…

Ah, the grapefruit, that unsuspecting orb of morning disappointment. It’s like chewing on a soggy sponge that’s been marinated in bitterness. Of course doctors and nutritionists love it. They love everything that takes out joy of your life.

Did you know?

11 thoughts on “Did You Know? If You Replace Potato Chips With Grapefruit…”

  1. More like 120%🤮

  2. Personally I would rather have the grapefruit than the average potato chips that local grocery stores carry.

  3. Trump can not post his 454 million bond. Bah ha ha ha

  4. But Trump has lots of potato chips.

  5. Potato chips, or crisps as they’re properly called, are salty morsels
    that can’t be equaled.

  6. I like grapefruit. I used to eat it for breakfast. A few years ago the supermarket started to carry grapefruit juice. It was tasty and working on the farm I liked to have some sweet liquid to keep me hydrated on hot summer days. So I drank a lot of grapefruit juice.

    Come to find out that grapefruit contains substances that form crystals in your kidneys. When enough of them get together you get a kidney stone.

    That takes away 1000% of the joy in your life.

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  8. Ah, vegetables … the single girl’s friend

  9. What’s a Amrikan?

  10. Hey, Not American, if you’re going troll Americans you need to practice. They are the Master’s of the sport and you just sound lame. Sorry.

  11. Hey anonymous, What’s a Amrikan, should be What’s an Amrikan.
    Illiterate dink.

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