Graffiti Artist vs. Authorities

A British graffiti artist’s year-long battle with a local council – and how it transformed an otherwise unremarkable brick building – has been recorded in a gloriously amusing photo series.


13 thoughts on “Graffiti Artist vs. Authorities”

  1. Yeah, really funny. Wasting money that could have gone to better things.

  2. red wins

  3. It’s still no art but vandalism if not asked for it.

  4. Tell that to the council, they’re the ones spending our money on crappy red paint to cover something no one gives a crap about.

  5. Art doesn’t have to be requested.

  6. it can be both.

  7. If it’s not wanted on one’s property it’s not art but vandalism. It’s always been that way. If I scratch a malfunctioning pen*s in the hood of your car it’s great art for some people. I guess you wouldn’t agree…

  8. It’s only art if it’s taxpayer funded

  9. Art doesn’t have anything to do with the law. A lot of black dance and music were forbidden back them by the white law. Falun Gong in forbidden in China. Heavy metal is forbidden in some countries. Many videogames are forbidden in Germany and Australia…

  10. It can simultaneously be art and vandalism. Which one does the law care about? What about the bystander?

  11. This guy is a genius. I want to try this and see if it works.

  12. This guy just wanted the crappy paint job to be done correctly.

  13. Lol – brilliant!

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