Work Meeting Achievement Badges (Try To Collect Them All!)


Book author and blogger Sarah Cooper has created a list of 13 work meeting achievement badges. See if you can collect them all during a single meeting!


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  1. Most of EatLiver visitors wouldn’t be able to hold their farts in.

    • Most don’t WANT to…!
      (it’s good for the soul…and digestive tract, I suppose…)

      p.s. What you got against Whoopie Cushions?!?

    • Why would one want to hold it in at a meeting? The faster you can get that thing to wrap up, the happier everyone (well, me) is, and few things clear a room faster than an SBD.

  2. Office slacker September 27, 2017

    I always go for the no action items.

  3. “Didn’t Spill Coffee on the Final Report due to Client”

  4. Some Guy Somewhere September 27, 2017

    In the corporation that employees me, I’ve managed to win, earn, obtain all of these awards. In fact I’m now eligible for “Least Likely To Be Promoted.” What an honor.

      Someday…you might earn the COVETED:
      “Least Likely to Be Fired”…!!!

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