It’s Great When Childhood Dreams Come True

It's great when dreams come true.

8 thoughts on “It’s Great When Childhood Dreams Come True”

  1. The American lie: All your dreams can come true.
    If not it’s your own fault. I’m not to blame. Here is the first stone in your way. The first one is for free.

  2. Even if it’s rotten, genetically engineered or recalled, it still beats most of what’s coming out of Hollywood, so… Way to go kid! πŸ‘

  3. Hey nothing wrong with earning an honest living!

  4. Earning a living in an honest way may well require two jobs in the USA. Try dropping the honesty and you may well turn into a billionaire.

  5. Or president.

  6. Not necessarily two jobs. AFAIK there are people on welfare queuing in several 100 meter queues to buy sneakers for $1.5-2k, no?

  7. “And I heard jews eat children and poison the wells.”
    Your stories are always the same, just with other protagonists. Through the centuries it goes. Oh snap, you are just a little number in the envy, lazy, greedy, stupid mob.

  8. Sounds like a whining Trumper

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