A Good Piece of Advice

If you don't want people to argue with you on the internet, you shouldn't post opinions about controversial subjects.

24 thoughts on “A Good Piece of Advice”

  1. How did you conclude that God does not exist? God is the one who created everything

  2. Man invented god(s).

  3. Heh heh heh.


  4. Why can’t you trust atoms?

    They make up everything.


  5. I killed god. With a single thought.

  6. You can not buy or sell with out the mark of the Brandon.

  7. What’s a Brandon?

  8. Way to go Brandon is a chant that is happening across America. Most at sporting events and concerts. It’s a way of say F$&@ Joe Biden that came out of an interview with a race car driver named Brandon. The crowd behind him was loudly chanting F Joe Biden, and the NBC news lady tried to say they were chanting Let’s Go Brandon. So now people just say let’s go Brandon.

  9. Not going to end well for the Left in 2022. Either party will bring the same results though. The Empire is doomed.

  10. So you hear what you want to. See a psychiatrist.

  11. Trump’s empire is coming then. Trump as king and Americans as his peasants. Maybe they deserve this for their pride. If you are lucky the British will free you and take back their colony. At least they are allowed to vote their leaders. Trump won’t allow another election he could lose.

  12. The Party (D) first, The Party now, The Party is mother, The Party is father The Party always.

    You underestimate the gravity of Marxism, the mail in ballot, and the Dominion.

  13. Sounds more like the GOP right now. Don’t question the swamp king. That would be suicide.

  14. “If you are lucky the British will free you and take back their colony”. This is amazing.

  15. Speaking as a Brit, we don’t want it. It would be like adopting an aggressive, uneducated child with no manners.

  16. The point is people on your dreary little island actually stating that YOU could save America. The USHas states bigger then your entire country. And since your unarmed and defenseless without America how exactly would that happen? America is fine. Worry about your own islamic murders and rapes.

  17. Calling the UK “unarmed and defenseless without US” illustrates your general ignorance.

  18. Size isn’t everything. It’s what you do with it that matters.
    The murder rate per million people in the USA is about four times the murder rate in the UK because the British public don’t have guns.
    The USA has about five times the population of the UK, and twice as many active servicemen per million population but then again we’re hardly defenceless.
    The UK is one of five recognised nuclear powers, is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and is a founding and leading member of the NATO military alliance.
    The military record of the USA isn’t exactly perfect…..
    Vietnam, the Iranian hostage rescue fiasco, you had your ass kicked by Japan at Pearl Harbour, you had your ass kicked on 9-11 by a few guys armed with box cutters and you were late for both world wars.
    I’d bet on our SAS and SBS against anything the USA can offer.
    Also a significant amount of the technology used by the US military was invented in the UK, including the jet engine, radar, video, LCD displays and a lot of the basic work underpinning encryption.
    And by the way, it should be you’re not your.

  19. In the words of the greatest environmentalists ever… Bla Bla Bla

  20. In the (alleged) words of Mark Twain – No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.

  21. Wow, a mature reaction from someone corrected. Typical rightard.
    The Americans didn’t steal the jet engine not only from the British but from the Germans too. Both countries worked parallel on the technology. Germany was faster because the British government was convinced they need no jets as they had superfast prop engine fighter planes at that time. So it was defunded. A few years later jet-propelled Messerschmidts put holes into British prop planes. The Allies were lucky Germany lacked resources to build more planes and other stuff. History would have taken another course if the Russian hadn’t stopped Germany in the east under immense costs of life and material. Even America would have had problem then turning the tide.
    These days half of them vote their own Adolf Trump into office. Seems Americans can’t learn from the mistakes of others.

  22. Wish everyone else felt the same way you do. Sadly they just keep pouring in. If it’s so bad in the US explain why everyone wants to get here? America rocks. You know it, they know it. Jealousy is an ugly emotion.

  23. The USA is not the only country struggling with floods of (il)legal immigrants.

  24. Not everyone wants to get there. It’s just easier to get there from the South than to Europe when you are poor and can’t swim 4,000 miles. Europe has much higher living and technological standards than the USA. Even their windows work better… And less racism. Chances for immegrants are far better than in the USA. If you arrive poor you die poor on American soil. The American dream is fake, like most marketing lies.

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