Dammit, Karen… I Did It For Us!


You spent our entire life savings on dogs! They are golden retrievers, Karen. They retrieve gold. I did it for us.


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  1. Had my say March 25, 2022

    Whew!! Some women are sooooooo unreasonable. He should ditch the bit**+
    when the gold bars start rolling in.

  2. Concerned citizen March 25, 2022

    “Justin The Tyrant”, it’s official now that the European Parliament made the announcement.
    Slimy little pri$+ just stood there grinning as he was being dressed down.

    • The Talking P March 26, 2022

      Could you translate that into some human language, for the benefit of those not afflicted with your bizarre delusions? That would be polite, thanks.

    • In what universe? Your head?

    • That’s called a black hole.

    • The Talking P is an ignorant little bas#@d. maybe mommy, while cleaning his
      room, should tell him to stop playing with the computer.

  3. The Decider March 26, 2022

    The dialogs cover her hips and breasts so I cannot make an unbiased decision as to who is correct.

    • Then you shouldn’t anyway. Problem solved.

    • zelda's first husband March 26, 2022

      The Amerikan president nominated a black woman for the sole reason because she is for a judge.

      Wide hips and big boobs are just as a good reason to decide this.

    • There are woman smarter than you are. Many woman, and much smarter.

    • @zelda’s first husband If you really think that you are no real man. More of a caricature. A sorry excuse for a mammal with a p*nis.
      As the other guy said, there are many women smarter and more qualified than you. Many.
      “Men” who can’t acknowledge that are weak creatures. Mankind would be more powerful without you lot.

  4. See home they ridiculed the Trudeau comment. He was called a dictator and worse in the parliament, to his face, on video any one can watch. But nope. Never happened your crazy. Example #35627 of how mad and delusional the Left has become. Priceless.

    • By an extreme right wing member of parliament; somebody believing in the same nonsense you have fallen for.

    • It was 2 different people and I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life. Why that always the go to insult here, you disagree with me then you must be right wing even when they aren’t. And if you agree with Justine Socks Trudeau your a communist. See how dumb that sounds? That what you like. Sad.

    • They are both far right wig nuts. Your posts do not leave the impression you are leaning to (American) left; on the contrary.

    • 1st Anon – I say you are a worm and worse. Here on Eatliver. For everyone to read. So? Follwing your logic you are a worm and worse.

  5. You disagree with me. That automatically makes you, (insert a list of ideologies that are currently being canceled and/silenced with no evidence, logic or reason. Just what ever Twitter heads think basically”), and you are probably cisgender! 🤣😂. This site just gets more hysterical everyday. Thanks again to all of you.

    • He's delusional, folks. March 27, 2022

      You still think you are winning here? These pages will be the record of your failure, disgrace and demise.

  6. Fools Gold

  7. I’m not the one that could only name two right wing media outlets. Don’t blame the messenger.

    • You posed the challenge (on a different page) of naming one. Rheeeee.

    • Still waiting for answers that will never come. But thanks for paying so much attention… Kind of weird though.. You should know I’m not gay. Just saying.

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