They Are Golden Retrievers, Karen. I Did It For Us.

Are you contemplating whether to dive into the world of traditional investments like gold or stocks or do something that’s even smarter? While everyone else is obsessing over shiny gold bars, you should get a golden retriever that will bring you 1 oz gold bar a week for years to come. Don’t listen to Karens, act smart!

You spent our entire life savings on dogs! They are golden retrievers, Karen. They retrieve gold. I did it for us.

2 thoughts on “They Are Golden Retrievers, Karen. I Did It For Us.”

  1. In real life “she”(D) would have blue hair and tats and “he”(H) would have a “man” bun and they would have pronouns. Perhaps both would are DIE executives serving either at Boeing or Maersk for 300k a year.

  2. For only $199.99 I can, and will teach you to cheat at golf. I am so good
    at it I once cheated myself and didn’t realize it.


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