Gluten Free Meme: No Gluten Is Actually Free

“Is this gluten free?” is actually a nonsensical question. Growing wheat, producing flour, baking bread, and running a bakery actually costs a lot of money. Some people just expect a free ride through their whole lives, and it’s annoying. The audacity…

Is this gluten free? No, it costs money.

19 thoughts on “Gluten Free Meme: No Gluten Is Actually Free”

  1. Regurgitated meme. Sort yourself out

  2. @Effendi You strike me as the kind of guy who oinks while eating cereal.

  3. I’m smart, very rich, handsome, and golf a great game.
    I’ve learned through the years that all people love me,
    but a few are jealous jerks whom pick on me.

  4. We can’t even be sure you are rich, Don. All your tax reports were fake.

  5. “Next!”
    “Yes, I’d like a stone of bacon – make it squeal; twenty gluten fritters in virgin leaf lard; five of your Unca Limbaugh’s spotted owl pies in Creme de Sum Yun Dominican Boy; and a gross of oatmeal raisin erythritol skookies.”
    “Sixty nine brazilian LoomCoin please.”

  6. I should just shut up and stop visiting this site.

  7. It’s not supposed to be funny. It’s a message board for evil doers. Always has been.

  8. Effendi must be really getting under your skin, loser.

  9. Man who lickedee split get hair in teeth.

  10. Bread should be free, laced with contraceptives and distributed by the government so as to prevent global warming and promote diver city, inclusion and equity. If it saves even one child then it’s worth it.

  11. Yes. More of this.

  12. Saving children is easy. Lock up those Republican molesters and traffickers.

  13. You mean like the Biden’s? Hunter’s nick name for Joe was Pedo Pete. emails show that he referred to him that way 37 times. Ashley Biden in her own diary stated Dirty Joe took inappropriate showers with her. But hey, you do you Bud.

  14. You forgot to mention the laptop. 😴

  15. That’s where the emails came from. You guys know their currently holding an impeachment inquiry on Dirty Joe right? You can watch the videos. Then evidence is damming. No media coverage though.. hmmm 🤔. Wonder why that is. 🤣😂

  16. >evidence is damning
    >no media coverage though

  17. “Impeachment.” 😂 Republicans are already laughing stock because of that. Worldwide. Everybody know they are desperate to distract from Trump’s desastrious future in court. Just read he might lose his beloved tower. Neutered megalomaniac. 🤣

  18. It was fun television: the GOP’s own witnesses stated that they had not seen any evidence.

  19. Even democrats want dirty Joe gone. 70% don’t want him to run at all and Kamala is the most unpopular VP in history. Mexicans and blacks are fleeing the party like rats from a sinking ship and guess who their gonna vote? The Democratic Party is in full panic mode but orange man bad! Haha. You know he can still run even from jail right? 🤣

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