Dear God…

Please give me a reason to get up tomorrow and go to that damn job I hate so much!

7 thoughts on “Dear God…”

  1. Cuz Trump

  2. And don’t forget the puritan, evagelican doctrin. If you are poor you deserve it. God hates you.

  3. If one day trump would ask this question, I hope jesus says: quit your job.
    And for once trump might listen to sound advise.

  4. They should just rename this site The Trump Diaries. The site for your endless obsession with Trump and American politics. Maybe you should be more about Biden. He brings it. Could save their country. At least then the site would be of some value.

  5. I’ve said this before but instead of complaining people like you should be thanking the Americans for sharing their village idiot with the world.

  6. Because you’re a Priest and there are plenty more children to molest?

  7. If the US wants to be saved they should banish Trump into the ocean to drown. He is Corona.

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