Child Bodybuilder Giuliano Stroe

Giuliano Stroe (born June 18, 2004) is a Romanian gymnast and child bodybuilder. He began lifting weights at the age of 2.

29 thoughts on “Child Bodybuilder Giuliano Stroe”

  1. No way this kid is going to grow up to be normal . . .

  2. How so?

  3. How awful. This can’t be healthy in the long term. Normal running and playing is for children. Leave body building till you are a lot older.

  4. Am I the only one who sees how huge this kid’s head appears?
    Actually yes I am the only one, it’s these new meds.

  5. Is it just me, or the kid looks like a coagulated turd?

  6. Like a little chimp.

  7. we’ll he’s going to be the most jacked midget in Romania if not the world… Working out too young can and from these pics probably will stunt his growth.

  8. bodybuilding at a really young age wil eventually lead to dwarfism.
    Also, since kids (save extreme patalogical cases where brain is not working properly) do not have high enough testosterone levels, it is clear he is being fed roids, which at that age will kill him when hes 15

  9. His father is an idiot. I forgot to mention his mother.

  10. Not the greatest with young, developing body…

  11. HULK SMASH!! … the entire first grade.

  12. The other alternative is if he is not being fed steroids, and he happens to be lucky enough to grow at a normal rate…. he will eventually transform and become a super saiyan.

  13. Well…. he probly gets all the chicks. i mran like chickens. u get it? cuz he’s romainian and he’s a toddl….. eh screw u

  14. Probably the worst bully ever

  15. Man, that poor kids cartilage is gonna wear out by the time he’s forty if he keeps this up, maybe sooner. Those parents are idiots for letting their baby weight-train.

  16. I’m romanian. His father is a failed boxer/bodybuilder. The social services gave him a few warnings for child abuse and after that he moved to Italy. The latest news i know about this kid is that some tv show host invited the father and the kid to a medic so that the father can confirm if the kid is healthy or not. This kid’s joints are almost wrecked.

  17. > bodybuilding at a really young age wil eventually lead to dwarfism.
    Complete and utter myth. There is zero scientific evidence that early muscle gains to any harm to a growing skeletal system.
    > he is being fed roids, which at that age will kill him when hes 15
    More BS. Even if is is on some PEDs, tell me why it’ll kill him by the time he’s 15?

  18. Please …… he is and will be normal, he doesn’t take anything he just works out and eats. That what happends when you work …. your body grows. When he stops he will get more fat. If he keeps working out, he will be slim boy at age of 15-20y. Unless he will go into bodybuilding. Most profesional athlets started at verry young age, this way your bones get stronger, your body more adapted to physical challenges, Bones, muscles more agile. There is no such thing as working out too young, whole history is of children working hard, and i mean HARD becose their parents couldnt or didnt wanted too. There is a difference in working out, and physical torture.

  19. That is so beyond creepy… this is like the male equivalent of those God-awful beauty pageants for 5 year old girls. You have to wonder about the thought process that goes on inside the heads of these parents for them to draw these kinds of conclusions. They have to rationalize and justify it somehow. Which reaffirms my belief that people should have to take classes on parenthood where they have to pass extensive examinations before they’re allowed to breed.

  20. I agree with charlie… it’s also odd that an eleven yr old has bigger abs than me

  21. brother, you know nothing about bodybuilding.
    the testosterone level in kids are much more than adults.
    and you’re claiming he’s roided because he’s way better than you were at his age.

  22. these parents are stupid there gonna have a heart attack and die from what they do

  23. when i mean there gonna have a heart attack i mean the kids

  24. ONE WORD……

    P H O T O S H O P

  25. I know he has so he has so much coordination and looks so cool when he does things

  26. No it’s good for a kid to work out

  27. Don’t be jealous of how muscular he is there is no reason to comment about that he puts in the hard work to look the way he does.

  28. Nope it is absolutely not photo shop

  29. Just look at him now he’s tall and he’s going in boxing

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