Bizarre Hand Painted Movie Posters from Ghana



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  1. I didnt know that Nicolas Cage is in Mortal Combat 3

  2. All the movies are violence.

  3. It’s art, dont hate!

  4. im surprised they had time to paint between work at the Internet cafe, sending out scam emails to Americans saying “Im a prince who inherited 1 billion dollars and I’ll split it with you if you give me $10,000 so I can get it”

  5. me thinks May 22, 2015

    is not that bad

  6. Semega Joe May 22, 2015

    You may laugh, but admit it, you wish your cinema had movie posters like this.

  7. All white people look alike! As do asians.

  8. Every movie should have a poster like these.

  9. IsItJustMe? May 23, 2015

    Tom Cruise on the motorcycle looks like Psy
    Mission Impossible: Gangnam Style!

  10. terminatir I looked ok.
    rest was shit

  11. I need to see Planet Terror

  12. doodoohay June 5, 2015

    Hulk Hogan sure looks a lot like Nicholas Cage in 3 ninjas

  13. Comment…they r common artists but their work awsome

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