Hi, How Are You?


Hi, how are you? I'm fine thank you. Well then, get out. What are you even doing here?


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  1. Your Scary Neibhor December 23, 2021

    In the USSA of Amerika one has to be cognizant of current political narratives before seeing the doc. One has to phrase the one’s ailments so as to not invite extra-medical scrutiny. Perhaps better not to see the doc. Realistically speaking, this meme is just so 5 minutes ago.

    • Take them to the camp December 23, 2021

      Why you should be nice to your doc;

    • I’ve had the same Dr for 27 years and that’s all horse sh&! Of course you get what you pay for in America. It’s not easy to live here. No free rides. If you want free feel good stuff Canada or Europe would be better.

  2. If this is a doctor in the USA you forgot the third frame – That’ll be 600 dollars for the consultation.

    • Spud Land Bob December 23, 2021

      Just saying hello to the auto mechanic in the US is about $500. Saying hello to the doc is about 1/10th of that. Plumber is about $500 too, actually the guy that cuts the grass charges the same as the doc.

    • Wishfull thinking. You are ignoring there are people dying of “rona” worldwide. So the Democrats control all the rest of the world? Doubtful. Oh, let me guess, it’s a worldwide conspiracy and only Trump was able to fight it. Corrupt, incompetent, womengrabbing Trump. The crook that saved the world… yeah, sure.
      Seeking refuge in these fantasies might calm your fear of the virus. The virus doesn’t care about your fear or delusions though.

  3. Their faces all say the same thing: “I regret nothing!”

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