We Can Easily Defeat North Korea



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  1. American In Vienna July 22, 2017

    No peace treaty was signed which means that the Korean War of 1950 has not officially ended.

    • And I’m pretty sure the medals are made up of aluminum or some other very non-magnetic alloy, meaning the magnet would have to be super strong.
      Here’s a good Finnish sarcastic scetch about medals: https://youtu.be/phatykg0LcE. The translation is roughly;
      Worker: “I’m so ******* annoyed about doing this work.”
      Control pigs: “Here’s a medal.”
      Worker: “Now I’m not annoyed anymore, at all.”

    • I don’t believe war was actually declared in the first place, though. It was a police action.

  2. Kauf Buch July 22, 2017

    They velly angly!

  3. I love their giant heads… Uhm, what I meant was, I laugh at their giant hats.

  4. Real funny until Seattle, San Francisco & Los Angeles disappear under radioactive clouds. Treat N Korea as a joke just because they wear funny hats is a little too Trumpian to be rational.

  5. True American Too July 23, 2017

    Seattle, San Francisco and LA disappearing under radioactive clouds would indeed be a treat.

  6. American In Vienna July 23, 2017

    @Kauf Buch
    Where are you from? I know you are not from US… so can you enlighten us? Thanks!

    • Fake Buch July 23, 2017

      He’s too much a coward for that. He comes from the “basement”.

  7. They get one for each time they bend over and kiss a Kim Jung-xx a**.

  8. Some Guy Somewhere July 24, 2017

    Don’t underestimate Those NKs. Each of those “medals” are actually throwing star weapons. Those boys are deadly at throwing.

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