Gazpacho, My Soup Is Cold! The Greatest Joke Ever.

You have probably wondered what is the greatest joke ever. Wonder no more! You have come to the right place! This! This is it! The greatest joke ever goes like this: “Waiter, my soup is cold. It’s gazpacho. Gazpacho, my soup is cold!” Hahahahaha!

Waiter, my soup is cold. It's gazpacho. Gazpacho, my soup is cold!

14 thoughts on “Gazpacho, My Soup Is Cold! The Greatest Joke Ever.”

  1. Ignorance is a right, it is writen the Bill of Rights.

  2. Canada no longer has rights. Everyone knows that.

  3. You wish. 🤣

  4. Hmm… Joe talking about ignorance and then misspells “Written” in the same sentence.

  5. Accurate though. Joe IS a potato head. Like socks. Dumb and dumber.

  6. We take your word on it. A dumbass regognizes a fellow dumbass.

  7. Yawn.

  8. Oh, I though it was gas Patscho… Sorry, Herr Patscho.

  9. It’s recognizes not regognizes. Oh, the irony of calling some one else a dumbass.

  10. Standard procedure here. Think like I think or Reeee!

  11. @Righter’s Cramp
    Wow, a typo. From a non-native speaker. You won the argument, no doubt, dumbass. I reGognize you’re win. *lol*

  12. How do you order Gazpacho soup without knowing what Gazpacho soup is?

  13. They’ll send their Gazpacho Police.

  14. It’s terrible. Cold soup is like hot potato salad. Both should be illegal.

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