Families at Thanksgiving This Year

Family gathering in 2020.

25 thoughts on “Families at Thanksgiving This Year”

  1. As long as it is rightard grandparents dying who cares? Just some old racists, mysogynists and homophobes less.

  2. Well the pro-life folks ought to care.

    Instead they can look forward to a covid Christmas. I hope they don’t take us all with them.

  3. When all the rightard grandparents and some family members die off, that will leave the liberal millennials as the biggest voting block. Then the green new deal and other liberal agendas can pass, and Reganomics will finally be dead.

    If this idea scares you more than a quarter million of your fellow American’s dying, then you should probably rethink your priorities.

  4. Who TF talks like this? Look at those posts, a bad robot will compose better English sentences, containing some information in addition to the feelings indicators. You are just mumbling feelings. Mostly negative feelings towards other human beings. Newspeak. Simplified and devoid of meaning. Just expressing love of your “allies” and hate of the “enemy”.

  5. First steal the election, then kill off the voter stock.

  6. What’s so wrong with “Families at Thanksgiving This Year”?

  7. Better English sentences??
    “mostly negative feelings towards other human beings” – Not a sentence.
    “newspeak” not a sentence.
    “Simplified and devoid of meaning” Not a sentence.
    “Just expressing love of your allies and hate of the enemy” – also not a sentence.
    I pretty much never play the grammar Nazi, but you were insulting
    the grammar of others…You might want to follow it up with sentences yourself.

  8. And not all posters here are native speakers.

  9. Drop dead

  10. To the fella or girl who responded as to right wing people and old people die : I Tell you I hope you go first : You suck and hate your country that gave you the right to spout your venom : And You Suck : Get back to The Lord ASAP

  11. True, @Foreigner, but to some Americans, we living in other countries do not have internet access. These some may even think that we are still living on trees or in caves. Lets call them “the uneducated”.

  12. During these times of stress it’s important to be realistic. No one cares about anyone anymore. Just look at these posts. So do as YOU wish. If you want to mask up and shut yourself away do so. If you want to gather with family and friends and celebrate a holiday do so. Pretend your all grown up and you can make your own decisions and choices. In others words F*%#’em.

  13. I’m not criticizing the grammar. Duh… I said that the posts consist mostly of expressions of feelings, and no useful information.

    Your post is full of sentences without verbs, which strictly speaking are not correct grammatically. (“newspeak” not a sentence.) is not a sentence. But such “wrong” sentences are used all the time colloquially and also in fiction by great authors.

    And yes, I’m not an American, so sue me. At least I’ve read “Politics and the English Language” by Orwell and can spot language full of emotional labels and devoid of information.

  14. Wishing others an undeserved death, in contrast to a covid thankgiving, which would be a well deserved death, is a sin. You are going right to hell after your covid thanksgiving.

  15. Yeah @anteater. What was that a few month ago? The Austrians live in the woods. The POTUS said it himself. It must be true. And was stuff for some good memes.

  16. Jack, I sense an unhealthy amount of aggression in your post. You might want to seek counsel. You are forgiven. We are all here to help you.

  17. Masks are not to protect yourself but other from your own potential infection. So not wearing a mask is potential manslauther.

  18. Read the last phrase in the post above. Put yourself on that list.

  19. Thank you Uhm, you’re so kind! Peace.

  20. So you are an animal, no human.

  21. We’re all animals. Monkeys in pants. Read a book.

  22. Some more than others.

  23. That was irony.

  24. I agree.

  25. @Anonymous – Yes, I guess that was rude. The polite part hasn’t worked yet though.

    Republicans think that mask wearing is a hassle. ok, true. They don’t seem to care or realize it saves lives though. Are they really pro life?

    I’m not wishing death on them. They are actually going to bring it on themselves (by not wearing masks) and the old folks are the ones who are going to suffer with them. I guess we all will really. I’m high risk, and my republican state is one huge hotspot. I don’t go out at all anymore.

    In a couple weeks, you’ll see that Thanksgiving and black Friday created a huge covid spike just in time for the Christmas season. Will republicans respond by doing the Cristian thing and care for their fellow man, or continue to complain? What would Jesus do? (wear masks. stay at home.) What will republicans do? Complain and hangout in large groups. We’ll have a covid xmas and a covid new year.


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