The Evolution of Garbage Trucks



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  1. It scares me a little bit that this implies that people think other “News” outlets are not, in fact, “Garbage”. The truth is out there, it’s just not shown to us.

  2. Gingerbaker October 8, 2018

    Yet surely we can agree on which “news” outlet is the worst?

  3. It more like a… hate… mobile.
    Trump: “To the hatemobile… Let’s go!” Pence: “Holy batteries to power. Jesus on speed.” Trump: “Roger! Ready to covfefe.”
    Nana nana nana nana Grabman!!!

  4. These three should write for SNL (Saturday Night LIve for you none USAians).

  5. What about Hillary Clinton’s personal limo? That’s the latest evolution.

  6. This brings out the Liberal inclusive feminists racists and haters!
    I am surprised that CNN, NBC and ABC are not stated as fake news.
    And the mindless minions who believe anything behind it.

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