Training Day

So, is there any training for the job? No, you just pick it up as you go.

6 thoughts on “Training Day”

  1. Just how may of them have the Baby-Parts-G23-clot-shot?

  2. If they are smart the more the better. Stupid people will just die or kill their loved ones. And then blame some conspiracy for it. You can heal covid in some cases. But you can’t heal stupid, stupid.

  3. Vaccinated people get and spread Covid just like the unvaccinated. They are even dying in greater numbers so.. let’s not do any name calling. It’s bad for EVERYONE.

  4. You put two deadly lies in one post hiding them in a small truth.
    Vaccinated people spread the virus too if infected, that’s true. But not like them. Vaccinated people spread a much, much smaller amount of the virus than unvaccinated. That’s why the vaccination also protects others. You are less infectious if vaccinated.
    Vaccinated people have an enormously smaller risk to die or even get sick from covid. The reason for higher numbers of deaths among the vaccinated people is just a statistical one. The more people are vaccinated the higher their percentage among the “death group” gets. It’s just math and not a surprise. It happens with all vaccines and meds. Failure of immune reactions is possible for some patients vaccine or not. These people were sick to begin with. A vaccine needs a healthy immune system. Yet most people leaving the ICU in a bag are still the unvaccinated and this number will remain high until they go extinct.

  5. 2020 poll workers counting trump ballots…

  6. Vaccinated people are dying of Covid. Hospitals are full of people with vaccine injuries. Ask all the nurses and Doctors getting fired rather then take the jab. Why else would they not take it. PhD’s are one of the highest unvaccinated groups. Why do you think that is.. Justine Trudeau just reported ordering tens of millions of vaccines and boosters going out til 2024. You want to be a Government pin cushion thats your right. But stop blaming the unvaccinated for the jabs not working. Read up on Israel. Natural immunity is best. Period.

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