So Hairy Stockings Actually Exist…


If you want to have some body hair but don’t have enough time to let your natural leg fur do its thing, maybe consider a pair of hairy stockings. Because who wouldn’t want to wear a pair of these disturbingly realistic things, right? After all they will give your smooth feminine legs an irresistibly hairy au natural look that will turn heads!

Stockings with fake hair.

It was actually a quite challenging to find out where these hairy stockings are sold, but we managed to find them on Cool Mania store. Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock and waiting for a new shipment… if it ever comes at all.

Hairy stockings turn heads.

Hairy stockings.

If you don’t want to sit around and wait until hairy stockings are available in stores again, we suggest that you check out hairy leggings which serve basically the same purpose, and you can pick up a pair from the design company Contrado or Amazon. Here’s a lady who did exactly that and looks quite happy with her purchase:

Hairy leggings.

Hairy leggings.

Hairy leggings.

What’s your opinion? Would you wear these in public? Or, if you’re a guy, would these make you run away in horror?


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  1. Female who epilates February 2, 2020

    I’m not keen. I wouldn’t wear them.

  2. Jessica Yaniv February 2, 2020


  3. It is amazing how much hair you can grow with Photoshop!

  4. Just your average American liberal women, except theirs is real.

    • You know who February 2, 2020

      You are so deep…… in trouble.

    • Don’t discount the average American liberal male. They are fairly indistinguishable from the average American liberal woman. Or any of a number of selectable genders…I’ve lost count of them. What is the number now? 42? Or is that just the answer to everything?

    • Weird stuff.

    • They can do whatever they want in a free country, can’t they?

    • Don’t discount the american male conservative. They say they want to live in a free country, but they get upset when other people around them live free, and they get real angry about something simple and friendly like “Happy Holidays”.

    • That’s because conservatives can’t be free.
      As a conservative you are bound by obsolete rules and the pressure from other conservatives always watching if you make a mistake against this code of obsolete and made up rules.
      That not only true for America but in general.

  5. Sheila Jackson Reeeeeee February 3, 2020

    Women’s Fashion: You’d never pay to shave your legs and only to then pay for leggings that make your kegs look artificially hairy!

    Women in 2020: Hold my tampon

  6. Anonymous March 1, 2020

    As a man, I’m already hairy. An equally hairy woman would not really bother me. Their hair tends to be silky soft compared to mine.

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