Hairy Leggings: The Brave New Look

If you want to have some body hair but don’t have enough time to let your natural leg fur do its thing, maybe consider a pair of hairy leggings. After all they will give your smooth feminine legs an irresistibly hairy au natural look that will turn heads!

Hairy leggings.

We’re hoping they become popular enough to be sold in multiple skin tones, because every woman around the world deserve to dress like this if they wish to do so. What a time to be alive…

Hairy leggings.

Hairy leggings.

If you feel inspired by this product and wish to turn your legs into furry, hairy mess, you can get hairy leggings on Amazon. The reactions around the internet are mixed, though. Would you wear them in public? Let us know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Hairy Leggings: The Brave New Look”

  1. Sure I’d wear them, but I’m a man.

  2. old news from japan.

  3. A winter olympion, so what?

  4. Is this an anti rape device.. can’t decide the purpose

  5. Easier than saying ,”NO”!

  6. No eatliver, I will not click on Scamazon.

  7. If that is your first thought – yes.

  8. For some reason I wonder if she should not be facing off against another woman with green scaly legs

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