Women Who Think that Salad Is Hilarious

12 thoughts on “Women Who Think that Salad Is Hilarious”

  1. I just ate a salad watching these pictures and I don’t feel laughing at all. What is their dark secret sauce?

  2. EatLiver’s been surfing the stock photos again.

  3. This is so old that it should have pics of people who still think that stock photo of women laughing at salads are fun.

  4. Nobody Keeps Bananas in their fridge, and it they do they turn brown.
    And really, nothing other than Fruits and Veggies in the fridge? No Milk, juice, butter, condiments, etc.?

  5. Filthy vegetable murderers.

  6. Try Mad Dog Inferno. I don’t know if it makes you laugh, but it’ll make you keep your mouth open for quite a while.

  7. have you noticed how the ads have shofted from – “everyone should eat salad” to “women should eat salad”
    what is interesting since I see much less articles and info targeted at women (since I am not a woman) – it seems most women have really taken the bait and indeed believe salad is tastier and better.
    Watch your collegues/friends/co-students. Girls will often shose to eat this cow food instead of something better jsut because they have been programmed to do it.
    Even fit girls. A fit girl, who does sports, should not consume salad much, but mostly meat instead.
    Anyways – the rason is salad is not less or more healthier, it was simply easier to sell to women.

  8. The salad conspiracy! OMG!

  9. I hate when ads shoft

  10. I agree with these photos. These women should feel proud that they are not part of the animal-killing, gory violence that takes part in cooking animals.

  11. So apparently men can’t enjoy salads? Racist!

  12. Sexist

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