NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In a Bag, Dog Owners Did Not Disappoint


The rules are very clear when it comes to carrying animals on the NYC subway: “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.” But the rules don’t say anything about the size of the animal, and as you can see from these pictures, some people got really creative in order to avoid paying a fine.

Funny dog in a bag.
Photo by Arlo

Dog in a bag.

How to carry a dog in the subway.

Dog traveling in a bag.

Happy dog in a bag.

NYC subway dogs.

Funny dog in a cozy bag.

Dog and owner traveling together.

Dog traveling in the NYC subway.

Funny dog in bag.

NYC dog and his owner.

How to properly carry a dog in the NYC subway.

Dog traveling in the bag.

Happy dog in a bag.

Cute dog in a bag.

Funny way to travel with a dog.

Huge dog in a bag.

Dogs and their owners in NYC subway.

Clever way to carry a dog in the bag.


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  1. Oh my …. How people want to control everything that may be in their environment…This rule was written by very smart people, who took the time, to figure out all angles of this rule, for traveling with your animal… They really knew dogs, and their owners, and the survivior instincts you have as a pet parent…. You will do anything to give them the best life possible….And these people really knew what they were doing…. As proven here in the variety of creative ways to transport your pooch, no matter what size…… It is not about the size or whether it is a service dog or not,….It is about control of the animal, and when in a confined space, the dog will not potty on it’s self.. Hence allowing dogs to travel on the subway, without them accidently leaving a calling card behind… There are many laws written out there, that are so called,.. broad spectrum, and vague, leaving many loopholes for interpertation…. And technically you can not descriminate against an animal because of it’s size…. In Europe traveling with your pooch is just part of everyday living….Question for dogless chaps… If you travel by subway, for your means of transportation,… and your dog/child needs medical services, in the city… How do you get them there…???… Just curious…??…

    • I agree skeeter this is very clever and I love the creativity of this and that’s right you can’t discriminate against the size of the dog

    • Oh I don’t know, maybe taxi? Uber? Lyft?

    • Carol Hodges January 13, 2019

      I absolutely love this! Very creative!!!

    • Skeeter did you go to school at NMSU?

    • Why can’t you discriminate against the size of a dog? It doesn’t pay a fare yet it takes up room. On a crowded train that space could be used by a person. People really need to stop seeing pets as being as important as humans.

    • for Lee….I would rather leave you under the bus or train than bring you along.. Pets are just as important or sometimes more important that humans.. and so If I saw you I would take up more space because you don’t deserve a space.. bad human….

    • Well put

    • Suck it Lee January 15, 2019

      Lee, my pet is more important than most humans, espeically you.

    • You don’t ….. need to add dots….. to every f-ing sentence…… that you…… make……

    • Jesus Sandra – talk about a bad human. WTF?

    • Lee, in civilised world every animal (also human – biology class review if you have forgotten) have the same rights. Other than that in civilised world animals & pets are seen as a ‘friend’, not a ‘food’.

      Ciao Bambino :)


    • Lee Is the Only Sane One February 21, 2019

      Actually, Lee is totally right. The rest of you should all go shoot yourselves. I think it would really help your overall intelligence.

    • Lee, stop talking…my dog is more important to me than any human. She is our best friend, family! Humans dont deserve anything we lie, hate, kill, cheat, steal…dogs are innocent and loving animals, no better love.

  2. Love their creativity. Love knows no boundaries.

    • Emily Kim Kucer January 15, 2019

      Yes!!! & ALL THE DOGS LOOK SO MELLOW IN THEIR Bags‼️‼️🐾🐾
      As long as Companion Dog & THEIR Companion HUMAN can BE & GO Anywhere Together!!!

  3. Ragnhild Brannstrom January 13, 2019

    Love it! IKEA bags seems very useful!

  4. This is so cute

  5. 😂 funny 😁 most IKEA

  6. Dumb ass law creators. There is alway room for interpretation. IKEA should make and advertisment out of this. Great free PR for them. Love it.

    • Agreed, something about how durable, handy IKEA bags are, you’re only limited by your imagination! ‘It can fit 10.000.000 very small items or one very LARGE dog’!

    • Yep

    • I wasn’t thinking the same. Put 4 holes in their bag & they have a new item. Love the creativity, I’m gonna try it with my Frnchie!

  7. Margaret Harrington January 13, 2019

    Good law. Great interpretations. No pooh. No fights. Happy everyone.

  8. I love seeing people adoring their fur babies!

  9. Oh, how I love New Yorkers!! Touche’ to all fur parents for their creativity and their love of their “babies.”

  10. In Australia you can’t get on public transport with a pet with or without a bag. Very sad, our backward laws.

    • In Victoria you can take your dog on the train but must be on a lead and (according to the law) muzzled. They are discouraged, but not forbidden, in rush hour. You can skip the muzzle if its a small dog in a suitable container (this is also the only way to travel with a dog on victorian buses and trams). Of course guide dogs do not have such restrictions. I see many dogs travelling without a muzzle but their owner risks a fine.

    • Kaye Matthews January 23, 2019

      You can take your dog on the ferries so if you’re lucky enough to live near a ferry wharf on Sydney Harbour, you can walk or drive to the wharf and then jump on a ferry for a fun day out on the harbour.

    • We should start up a petition . One should be able to travel with your dog.

  11. This is awesome! I love the creativity! I would do the same thing

  12. Virginia Fitzgerald January 14, 2019

    I have loved seeing and reading these wonderfully clever ideas. Good on New Yorkers so inventive.

    I love some of the facial expressions on the dogs. What a joy.

  13. In Basel, Switzerland dogs are allowed on public transit, but you need to buy a ticket for the dog.

  14. Good for you dog lovers you show these stupid lawmaker that the love for a dog can do anything and walk right over their rules,Maby VAncouver .Canada will take a hint and follow you

  15. NewYawkahBroad January 14, 2019

    IKEA bags….proving the south isn’t the only ones Redneck. We are an inventive people :-D

  16. Some of these look Photoshopped

  17. Everybody are soo creative, we all love our pets. God Bless you all, I love it💜💚💋💜💟
    From Australia

    • I would be more hopeful that God isn’t real if I were you since you are most certainly going to hell.

  18. Seems that IKEA is makin’ some serious money on their blue tarp bags. LOL

    • My Ikea bags are like gold. I appreciate the idea for a brand new use.

  19. In the UK, you can take dogs, cats and other small animals with you free of charge on all British trains, up to a maximum of two per passenger, as long as they do not endanger or inconvenience passengers or staff. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times unless contained in a basket. If you take more than two, you have to buy the excess animal what is known as a “dog ticket”. I once had a nightmare in which I was trying to convince the ticket seller in Victoria Station London that the elephant I had with me was really a dog.

  20. I love this each and every one of you have made my day well except Lee ! Lee you are just a waste of space

    • Hahahahahaha good one!!!!

    • For sure about Lee and who ever is behind several of the anonymous posts. This animal lovers are doing something I would do

  21. TO LEE et al.: When you get vaccinated or get an Rx drug, chances are near 100% that dogs were used in the initial clinical trials, before human subjects were used, to make those drugs as safe and as efficacious as possible. For very religious Muslims and Jews, dogs are filthy beasts despised by the Creator yet these people, like the rest of us, want medications to help us. What are the rewards for dogs in clinical trials? They are “sacrificed” at the end – in order words, they’re killed. I’d rather ride with a dog on the subway than any arrogant “human” who thinks dogs take up space without paying. They pay, Lee, they pay. And you get to bloviate.

    • muslims and jews think dogs are filthy beasts despised by the creator??WTF? then why did their skyfairy create them. Just another example of how retarded religion is. As for Lee, it obviously thinks the same way. Hey idiot, we are all just another animal on the planet. Love the thinking of the NYers to get around restrictions on travelling with their furry friends.

    • Janet W. Well said! Most of the lab dogs are Beagles too. There are rescue groups to get the dogs released. Please people, support these groups and buy cruelty free when you can. I love the Beale in the wheeled bag! Looks like my fur baby! We have put ours in Baby stroller to take in to swap meets.

    • That’s not true at all. About Muslims and Jews. That you think it’s ok to propogate completely inaccurate views of groups of people is unfortunate. Also- most vaccines are tested on primates not canines or felines because they have very different immune systems than humans- why we
      Can own and care for kitties with HIV and never contract it. When dogs are
      Well trained and no one is allergic what a lovely
      And convenient fellow traveler

    • No Jews do not call any animal filthy. My dogs are cleaner than most people. My elephant takes a bath ones a day.

    • I know a Jewish lady that has over 40 dogs & cat’s. I think people that are raised correctly love all God’s creation. Some people are just ignorant. Like Lee… My animals treat me better than most people ever have. Love my dogs & my cats,& my horse,& my 🐄….

    • Have you ever considered suicide? I think it would greatly benefit your mental health and happiness.

  22. Irene M from Toronto January 15, 2019

    The dogs don’t seem to care how they are being transported as long as they are with their owner. Amazing

  23. IKEA bag very efficient Juggalos

  24. For those saying a pet can take space of a human ,so what about oversize people that take space of 2 humans what about humans that are waste of space.

    • I know. I see people take 2 seats because of size. Or 3 seats combining size and their “stuff” All sorts of transgressions that are accepted. And not challenged.
      And I take up 3/4 of a seat, so too bad for the naysayers.


  26. Awesome… so many great looking Dogs!!!

  27. Actually saw two dogs yesterday without bags walking with owner by a police officer. I went to officer and asked why he didn’t give ticket and he said he didn’t see. Also he said the laws have changed? I am sure no laws have changed on this! It pisses me off how lazy and aloof the officer was!

  28. suzanne caruso January 16, 2019

    so funny!!! these new yorkers found a way….big bags for the big dogs: perfect!!!

    • Becka from Brooklyn February 21, 2019

      Actually, it is extremely inconsiderate and you should go walk in front of a bus.


  30. Why don’t we have a compromise? Why not require the owner and the pet to both be encased in a bag?

  31. All my friends used to call my ex-wife a dog. If I had put her in a bag, cold she ride for free?

  32. Pinga Larga January 16, 2019

    For Lee, my opinion is that animals are more important than you, shame on you for saying bad things about animals.

  33. Je adore (lové it) ❤️🐾🐎

  34. I think lee should loose all rights whatsoever. Petition for lee to be banned from the subway?

    • petition for you to be banned from new york? We have enough crazies without subhuman shitsticks like you running around.

  35. Finally, an IKEA item worth keeping!!!

  36. Everytime I look at this, I laugh my butt off! Way to go New Yorker!

    • Yup. way to go new yorker! being a smart ass and making a rule that was meant to make the miserable subway experience slightly better void, by finding a loophole to a necessary rule that was put there for a reason!

  37. Hating on Lee reflects poorly on us as animal lovers. Lee is allowed his/her opinion. I like to think of animal lovers as GOOD people, & good people are kind to everyone, even the trolls. I’m glad that these people are able to transport their dogs & hope the subway authorities allow it to continue. And as for Lee, I hope you work out the hate you have in you to someday not feel compelled to bring the hate in others out over what is merely a cute article about ingenuity.

  38. Wow.. Good thinking.. I will do that too..

  39. my god… people will do anything to have what they want… if they want no dogs on the train unless its small then you have to put it in a bag… which is what the commision meant. But no smart ass entitled people like these went through the trouble of destroying bags just so they cant take… their pet on the train? im sorry? there was a rule given, and it was there for a reason. it was probably something about a dog attack or the dog got hurt or something that could interrupt the transportation, and the commision does not want it. so im sorry but i dont like it but the commision should have worded it better so this rule cannot be penetrated with people like this very determined to take their large pet on board.

  40. Yayyyy more photos of disrespectful people taking pets where they don’t belong.

    And before you lecture me about how much lover these people have for their “fur babies”, just don’t bother, I’m not going to visit this weird website for any longer than I have to.

    • anonymous not sure why your hiding your name since you have a lot to say, and for some one who dosnt seem to like animals ironically your a big p***y!

    • You couldn’t be more right!

  41. this makes no sense, the point of the rule was to prevent oversized animals from needlessly occupying space and creating discomfort for other passengers. what about the video only two weeks ago where someone’s dog in nyc bit onto a woman’s foot and wouldn’t let go? its a matter of safety and respect. if you really need to transport your dog somewhere walk, drive, or uber/lyft, but don’t subject everyone else to it!

  42. So NYC made a rule to help make the miserable subway experience a little better and all the entitled, selfish and irresponsible dog nutter decided to bring them on anyway? just because they are “technically following the rules”? I’m not surprised in the slightest. This is horribly inconsiderate. these people aren’t being clever, they are just being smart asses. But no. of course not, people just HAVE to bring their oversized pets onto a train and have them take up space that could be used by a paying customer. Those dogs honestly look really uncomfortable too.

  43. Stop it with the … ! To end a sentence you only need one. If your creating a pause, there is this thing called a comma. Looks like this ,

  44. Only in New York, kids.❤️ I love that town!

  45. I used to live in NYC. This makes me miss NYC…. but here in Vienna, Austria , dogs are allowed in every size in any transportation without bag. In every restaurant without restrictions. In most hotels and In every parc (except playground) …on the beach and in every heart ❤️

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