NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit In a Bag, Dog Owners Did Not Disappoint


The rules are very clear when it comes to carrying animals on the NYC subway: “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.” But the rules don’t say anything about the size of the animal, and as you can see from these pictures, some people got really creative in order to avoid paying a fine.

Funny dog in a bag.
Photo by Arlo

Dog in a bag.

How to carry a dog in the subway.

Dog traveling in a bag.

Happy dog in a bag.

NYC subway dogs.

Funny dog in a cozy bag.

Dog and owner traveling together.

Dog traveling in the NYC subway.

Funny dog in bag.

NYC dog and his owner.

How to properly carry a dog in the NYC subway.

Dog traveling in the bag.

Happy dog in a bag.

Cute dog in a bag.

Funny way to travel with a dog.

Huge dog in a bag.

Dogs and their owners in NYC subway.

Clever way to carry a dog in the bag.


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  1. so funny!!!!🤣😃

  2. Love it!! Dogs are family they should be able to ride the subway. I do like the bags though & the dogs look like they do too ❤

  3. Yeah right!I can see me know putting my 130 pound pit in a damn bag! 😂😂😂😂

  4. Not everybody likes dogs and your pet is a dog not a human

    • Yeah but your dog is a loyal companion. You treat them like a friend and family you don’t look at them as just a dog and if you don’t like a dog don’t bother on getting one

    • Most animals are a lot more likable and courteous than most people. Subway is a better place with more dogs and fewer people.

    • Most of us care for Animals more than humans any day of the week

    • Not everyone likes children. They are everywhere.

    • If you took a poll, I bet more people like dogs than like children.

    • Whoever doesn’t like dogs has no soul. They clearly are missing out on God’s wonderful creation. With that being said, you shouldn’t ban something because you don’t like it. Just mind your own damn business. Dogs are way better than people, including you.

    • All depends on your attitude towards all of God’s living creatures. My dogs are my family and quite frankly I like them way more than ******* like you.

    • Adrienne Clegg September 18, 2019

      I don’t really like people much but i an able to ride public transit without incidents. And out of curiosity how could a person dislike an entire species?? Especially one that has so much to commend them.

    • More human than you will ever be mate. Jeesh another reason to prefer dogs!

    • Amen.

    • not everyone likes dogs is true, but there are a lot more people that trust dogs more than people ..and with good reason…

    • I like dogs more than most humans!!

    • sounds like a personal problem.

    • And many people prefer dogs to humans. Got to give these people credit for their ingenuity. However I have yet to see a dog in a bag. They are just brought on with leash.

    • My dog is better than the avg cruel human.

    • Not everyone likes kids..but they are allowed in public pretty much unchecked..

    • Not every one likes humans either and still ride in the same train.

    • Most humans are dogs…

    • Most dogs are probably cleaner than you, you dirty cowpat

  5. Some People in cities only mode of transportation is public transit.. what’s the harm? When I lived in Calgary they have more off leash parks then non and dogs can tack transit for an adult fare..
    be responsible owner and all will be fine

    • I take 4 huskies on transit everyday in Calgary. Calgary ROCKS and the passengers love and greet my dogs everyday! <3

    • It’s more that some people are allergic to dogs or don’t want a dog being up on their clothing or space. And God forbid someone trained a dog to attack people.

  6. Love it, now Ikea knows what happened to all their bags. Lol… really quiet clever.

  7. It shouldn’t matter if you like dogs or not. There is room in this world and definitely on the subway for everyone. I love the fact that these people were so creative and came up with awesome ways to take their best friends with them. In Europe dogs are far more welcomed and accepted everywhere , restaurants and hotels included. Wish we would advance to that point here

    • agree – I live in Europe and am sad when I come to the US and see how few places welcome dogs.

    • Adrienne Clegg September 18, 2019

      Well said. I echo the sentiment.

    • I agree.In. UK,dogs ,where I come from,are allowed in s9me restaurants and pubs as well as outside and definitely on public transport.How stupid ,not allowin g them on the tube.

  8. I have a great Pyrénées- I wonder if I could pull it off lol

  9. Omg..that is insane!!!!!

    I guess u have to do what u have to do…

  10. You shouldn’t have to sit next to a big dog on a train with it breathing on your face or sniffing your legs. Not everyone likes that. This bag idea is best for everyone.

    • I shouldn’t have to sit next to you and stare at your ugly face

    • I should not not have to sit next to some humanoid that Stinks of Animal Stuffiness or Distaste !! And Deal with their Perfect Bubble Behaviors! Get a Uber 👌❤

    • So stay home

    • Yeah and having to sit next to your bad breath everyday! Give me dog breath over that any day!

    • but we have to sit next to dirty, stinky, mentally ill humans on the train? don’t like the dog next to you, MOVE!

  11. Hahahaha I Love this !!!! These dogs looks so happy to stay with their owners <3

  12. Wonder if my 170 pound Dane could figure a was around this🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Love it! People love their dogs!

  14. I would much rather sit in a carriage full of dogs than a carriage full of people. The more I get to know people, the more I love my dog. 🐶🐶🐶🐶

  15. People needing to carry their pets everywhere is why I’m going to be one of those people who will never give up my car. When the day comes that this is no longer an option, I’m going to be one of those people who help contaminate the air with exhaust fumes from the delivery trucks bringing what I need to my house. I am not required to be around people’s pets that should be at home.

    • Stay in your car and drive it everywhere. The subway sucks eno without an attitude like yours. Dogs make the world, and even the subway a better place. People like you, not so much !!!!

    • So glad that you will be staying home indoors so that no one will have to put up with you.

    • oh my god, get a life. 😂😂😂😂😂. animals are much more tolerable than humans. i guarantee my dog is more loyal than anyone you have in your life!!!! lmao.

    • You should just move back to your moms basement and do us all a favour

  16. I love this so much 😍. In London dogs aren’t just allowed on the underground – they go for free! Obviously not everyone likes dogs but then again there’s so much about public transport to dislike that the dogs are probably the least of their worries TBF

  17. Do love dogs and had many in my younger years but now I’m highly allergic – that being said, how do I and many others handle this when your health is threatened?

    • Funny how no one seems to understand this is a reality for some people and allergies aren’t just, you have the sniffles, take a Claritin. I LOVE dogs, but my airway closes, eyes swell, I get hives etc around them etc. Yes, I take allergy medicine. And immunosuppressants. Every day. So I now have to leave public places or be legitimately extremely unwell because you wanted your dog to go to a public place?
      Yeah, kids are annoying sometimes and can make your trip miserable, but no one is actually allergic to them and they don’t actually cause any serious or lasting damage if you have to tolerate them, so it’s a tiresome false equivalency.

  18. What’s wrong with kids, if there bad it’s the parents fault for not disciplining them or teaching them respect or manners…

  19. Omg…super creative people!!
    Love my dog parents!💝🐾🐾

  20. Voice O'Reason September 20, 2019

    Look at all the dog fanatic a-holes…A crowded subway train is no place for a dog and people who don’t like, have allergies to or are just plain afraid of dogs, HAVE THE RIGHT to ride the train without having to deal with being stuck next to one in tight crowded space…respect your neighbors, leave the dog home, or enclose it in a carrying case as the law stipulates, or get fined.

    • ummmm. you’re the one that sounds like an a-hole. i don’t need to leave my dog home over your opinion or because you’re too fragile or scared or allergic. sounds like a personal problem. deal with it. lmao. humans like you are much worse than dogs!!!

  21. I live in Italy and we can take our animals on public transportation if they are leashed and have muzzles. It works perfectly fine and I honestly have never had anyone complain about a dog with owner on a vaporetto in Venice or or a bus on the mainland. The New Yorkers however are incredibly creative in adhering to the new law…:)

  22. Wee bit concerned how I would have got my 10 stone Newfie in a bag ( cut holes in it like lady I suppose) but she was a damn sight more civilised than most of the humans I meet !

  23. I’d rather sit in a subway car next to a dog than the homeless that ride the subway all day.

  24. I see no problem with dogs on public transportation but I do have an issue with animals being brought into grocery stores or restaurants.

  25. You’d think they would include a muzzle, but I understand the bag is there just in case the animal has a accident, I like the idea.

  26. Super adorable 😍 dogs are family and they should be allowed everywhere you go❤️

  27. I love dogs and children.But during a rush hour .No place to stand and breathe .Imagine someone walk in the train try to squeeze in with a large dog .And that ass all in your face.Would you feel comfortable eventhough you love dogs?

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