Funny and Clever Animal Cartoons by Liz Climo


Cartoonist and artist Liz Climo creates funny and clever cartoons featuring animals having conversations and dealing with everyday problems. Featured below are few of my favorites.


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  1. I don’t get the crocodile and why apple one. Cap. Obvious?

    • s/why/the

    • Same here. The apple made his lower jaw shrink horribly? Huh?

    • nanaya beezwaxx December 23, 2015

      his hands are to short so he can’t eat it, and he isn’t a filthy animal to just devour it all in a single bite, he is a gentleman and a scholar ffs

    • He doesn’t like eating apple because it gets stuck in his teeth
      some people avoid apple because bits of skin get stuck in their teeth

  2. sed: 1: “s/why/the”: unterminated substitute in regular expression

  3. The last one is the best !

  4. PatronasKitty7 December 23, 2015

    These are weird.

  5. But everyone knows storks find kids in cabbage patches…

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