Brilliant Toilet Graffiti



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  1. Love them! hahaha!

  2. Spasticus_autisticus September 13, 2018

    I saw the first one in about 1969. – Glad it’s still doing the rounds.

  3. small_turd_under_fingernail September 13, 2018

    Some come here to sit and think, – I come here to shit and stink…

    • Some come here to sit and think
      Others come to shit and stink
      I come here to scratch my balls
      and read the writings on the walls

  4. Here I sit broken hearted….was an oldie when I was a kid- 40 years ago!

  5. Trump fan boy September 14, 2018

    Can someone read those to me? I can’t read.

    • Common Sense Sez September 14, 2018

      Such a shame that you’re blind and can’t see the humor here is non-political. If someone was to read it to you, you probably would not understand the humor.

    • Why do you want a banana?

  6. Peznis Binguin September 18, 2018

    @ Common Nonsense: All humor is political. Too bad you wouldn’t know it if it bit you on the ass. -Which, ironically, would actually be pretty funny…

  7. Ghost of Kurt Vonnegut, in Heaven September 19, 2018

    Those who write on heaven’s walls
    Should mold their shit in little balls
    And those who read these lines of wit
    Should eat those little balls of shit

  8. Favorite bathroom graffiti from my university:

    “Heisenberg might have been here”

  9. as seen at a coffeehouse in Berkeley, early 80s

    my karma ran over your dogma

  10. Michael Angelo Buonarroti March 13, 2021

    Seen in the restroom in Classics Dept at Grammar School
    Come home Oedipus. All is forgiven. Mother.
    Over my dead body. Father.

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