If Male Celebrities Did a Sex Change Operation…

8 thoughts on “If Male Celebrities Did a Sex Change Operation…”

  1. Worringly, Kevin Spacey actually looks like a woman I know.

  2. LOL, Looks like Caitlyn Jenner!!!! Just as ugly. Sorry, not usually a Hater, but couldn’t help myself :-)

  3. Down in our parts, ya don’t need a sex change to look this good. a couple years down in the coal mine will do that to ya. Some of these folks look real familiar, ‘specially the last one – looks almost like my wife.

  4. I bet Nicola Cage would be a crap actress.

  5. This is the fuel of nightmares. This, and Bruce Jenners new look.

  6. This is hugely transphobic.

  7. Which one is Kevin?
    I looked again but I can’t seem to find him.

  8. That if Woody Harrelson changed into a woman he’d turn into Gwyneth Paltrow

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