Freelancer Achievement Badges (Try To Collect Them All!)

Jeremy Nguyen has put together funny and very true list of freelancer achievement badges. See if you can collect them all!

6 thoughts on “Freelancer Achievement Badges (Try To Collect Them All!)”

  1. been there. there should be one for TOOK A SHOWER TODAY. just sayin’.

  2. “Got paid”?!
    Isn’t that a wee bit too optimistic? ;)

  3. Some of these are not humanily possible. I tried the “put on pnats” but got yelled at by the wife. She said I’m not supposed to wear pants in bed.

  4. I don’t know how do you put on your so called “Pnats”. I wore many type of clothings but never this thing. Maybe I should call Jupiter…

  5. And one for being alive too…

  6. Confussed too….
    Why did you wife yell at you? For trying? Or for failing?
    Or you did put them on? So it actually was humanily possible?
    Unless you are not humanily, hence the whole putting on pnats thing …

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