The Birth of USA


This picture is actually historically true. It really happened like this.


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  1. The country would be even more lit if it weren’t for those dissenters at the Constitutional Convention for removing the one from the Bill of Rights that said “The people shall have the right to hemp and reefer for personal or medical use.”

  2. Building a real democracy would have worked well. You know, where the people vote, not some corrupt electorial college.

    • But the people do vote….

      The electoral college was a compromise, much like when they created the Senate. If everything goes by popular vote, the states with few people have no power. That’s a form of “taxation without representation”.

      Taxation without representation is exactly what we have in DC and Puerto Rico though. Lets fix that.

    • “the states with few people have no power”
      Instead you have a dictatorship of criminal, religious right-wing nuts from absolutely overrepresented states while the majority of American is to their wicket mercy.
      And what about states? Wasn’t it all Americans under one banner? So the US are just a disfunctional, ancient EU of small national states? One state fighting the others.

    • CPT, knowitall December 17, 2020

      The USA is not a democracy, we are a representative republic. Maybe you need to say the pledge more often?

      “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    • I’m no American. I live in a democracy. I vote my representative myself and I never had to pledge to anything. I am a free human being.

    • One nation under god. = Christian Iran.

  3. God you guys are drama queens. Lets just use quality of life and personal worth as a yard stick for success. That country you all are trashing so badly…. winner, winner chicken dinner. Whine on. Sour grapes.

    • It is obvious you did not google “quality of life” statistics…

    • And when you Google, you find out that when the so called life quality considers public service as main factor, surprisingly countries with better private services are behind 🤔
      “hey, you need socialism to have my life quality points; hey, look this list of socialist countries that have the best life quality in the world”

    • Well, US are quite at the lower end with that.

    • As long as the “better private services” are for the happy few, you are at the bottom of the list.

  4. “We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?”

    ― Joseph Stalin

    • “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”
      — Same source.

    • Sssshhh. Trump 2024.

  5. Google…🤣😂. No, I didn’t. And if you want facts you shouldn’t either.

    • Wikipedia then, eh? At least they have verifiable references and they correct mistakes so they are more correct every day.

      If you don’t like Google or Wikipedia, where do you get ‘accurate’ info?

    • He likes Breitbart for facts.

  6. Reddit. 4chan. Duck Duck Go. Wiki leaks and sites that you can get Unredacted information and uncensored videos. Mostly the stuff you’ll never see on the censored media. The ones that forced the authorities to finally act by putting the all the facts about the Biden crime family out to the public. It’s ALL right there. Read it yourself. Or just keep listening to the narrative readers. Start with the Great Reset and try and keep up. It’s Alice and wonderland time or the matrix red pill, whatever wakes you the F up. Love ya man. Serious. Better get frosty.

    • Unredacted and uncensored sites is where the real fake news lives.

      If it seems like Alice and Wonderland, that’s because it’s all fantasy.

    • Trump said fake news is the enemy of the people, so his followers were so smart, they went to where they could find the fakest fake news of all.

    • Wikileaks is good, but the other sources are dodgy as hell.

    • Wikileaks is a mess. No doubt at least half of it is russian troll fakes.

  7. Define interesting; Oh G-d oh G-d we are all going to die! ... Bob December 16, 2020

    The last 3 effective attacks against the US government in the last 30 years or so was done first with fertilizer in Oklahoma and second with tweaking configuration settings of some voting machines and third by a few commercial jets with “unauthorized” drivers. Really guns were not involved.

    Really would ban fertilizer, JSON/XML and commercial jets.

  8. Then Why didn’t you hear about Hunter Biden until AFTER the election? His lap top info has been on Reddit for almost a year. The feds say now that they have been investigating him since 2018. The media, Twitter, YouTube censored all of it which is text book election interference. What about Mitch McConnel and his wife Elaine Chao and their china owed shipping Company. Or Pelosi and Finstiens Chinese business dealings. No my friend you are wrong. The main stream media has failed to tell you important information over and over. How about the wisdom of injecting a gene modifying vaccine into everyone for a 0.03% death rate. 99.7% of people can kick it with their own immune system and the vaccine is only 94% effective. Here that on your mainstream media? Keep listening them. Keep being lied to. I don’t care. But for those that want the truth there are sources. And, once again, I voted for Dirty Joe. You can’t keep using Trump as your bogey man. Though get it, it’s all you have.

    • You didn’t hear about Biden, because the justice department isn’t supposed to interfere with the election, so there were no press releases. Even Barr follows that. Besides, who cares if his taxes are being investigated? Trump’s company and his sons are too. Maybe the GOP wants you thinking about Hunter, so you won’t be thinking about that ObamaCare replacement you were promised. Or that wall you were promised, or that debt the GOP used to care about, or that tax break that was supposed to be for the working class that was mostly for the rich, but expires for the rest of us in a couple months.

      Doing business in China is not a crime.

      300,000 Americans dead and counting. Since when did we stop caring if our fellow Americans are dying? That’s 100x more than 9-11. When we get immunized, ( or if we’d bother to wear masks ) we can all get back to concerts, NBA games, etc. etc. Lots of people out of work too, I’d like everyone to get back to normal, wouldn’t you? I’d like to do that without more Americans dying. Wouldn’t you?

      Reddit and other sites that will post ANYTHING are full of garbage. Just like your covid numbers. The vaccine doesn’t modify genes or interact with DNA at all. The death rate is much higher, ( about 1.5% in the US over the last 4 months) especially when you run out of room at the hospitals. The number of people with longterm issues is also way higher.

      You are the one being lied to, and you like it that way. So sad.

    • For the Covidiots December 19, 2020

      A virus interacts with your DNA more than any vaccine could. A virus breaks into your cells. It highjacks your nuclei and reprograms YOUR DNA to use your cells to produce more viruses.
      A vaccine blocks the virus from entering your cells by blocking it’s burglary tools or by informing your body police, aka immune system, what the virus looks like to take it out before it can do damage.
      The only truth about vaccines is that you can have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. But that could happen to you with other meds and products containing the same stuff too.
      That’s why antivaxxers are idiots.

  9. Tell me more about whats going on outside my window from another country. Think what you like. Believe what your told. Do as your told. That’s your right.

  10. You are dead? This is the third death threat from this site that I’ve reported to the FBI. Looking at all three screen shots I think they were a bit concerned this time. Just kidding! They were kind a concerned though. Being from outside the country and all.

    • There is no death thread. Learn to read between the lines. It was a determination once again. Informing the FBI gave the authorities your ID. They will make you disappear for knowing too much. You know, because conspiracy.
      And by the way? How can you get death threads on an anonymous site? No one knows your name or could identify you. The only thing exposing you is that you are a moron.

    • No one wants to know him.

  11. I think the best countries are the ones that jail elderlies for criticizing Islam on social media and don’t allow their citizens to defend themselves when they send their own police to beat up their citizens for protesting against socialist policies

    • You Sir are correct. Those are far and away the best countries to live in. And people who say that the population that lives in these countries are cowards or mindless brainwashed automatons are just wrong. These countries have the bravest people on earth.

    • What countries are those. Please list for fact check.

  12. We all know. If you have to ask, you probably live in one.

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