Socialism Is Like a Mouse Trap

Socialism works because the mouse doesn't understand why the cheese is free.

29 thoughts on “Socialism Is Like a Mouse Trap”

  1. PSA – John Stuart Mill was a socialist

  2. Mouse trap Mondays on youtube show a selection of mice traps. Built one self-resetting one last year, that has caught at least 10 leftist mice so far. They’re not very smart, seeing their comrades being stuck in the bucket, but still opting for trying to get free feed.

  3. Cheese, especially free govmnt cheese constipates me.

  4. This meme has it backwards. Socialism *doesn’t* work *unless* the mouse knows that the cheese isn’t free.

  5. I know that I pay for my healthcare with my taxes. I also know that paying an insurance company directly is a far worse deal for me, given what unrepentant thieves insurance companies are, and if one is going to pay a thief, why not pay the one that will provide an actual service without sending me into bankruptcy? Hey, wait! They’re providing with the service I pay for? Why, that means my government is not actually a thief!

  6. Then maybe stop eating it constantly. Go live on a deserted island.

  7. This is actually accurate.

  8. Americans will never understand this. Better just write: “Communism! Freedom! ‘Merica!” and go along. They want to suffer. They love the freedom to suffer more than solidarity among their fellow citizens. They are slaves to those draining them and call it freedom. They are lost.

  9. Yeah, I truly do not understand the “I would rather pay thousands of dollars to a company that will inevitably destroy my life than filter one dollar through a government that will provide a service I pay for because I’m freeeeeeere!!!111!@” way of thinking. I’m just as free to travel, change jobs, criticize my government – all the important things. The only thing I’m not free to do is foment hate, and I’m actually okay with that.

  10. But you certainly do enjoy fomenting hate online.

  11. Yeah, I have to admit that there are people I do despise for the choices they make.

  12. I don’t despise people for their choices I despise the system which makes them choose between the lesser of 2 evils. Which was the last several of our elections….

  13. Think of it as the evil of 2 lessers.

  14. I despise people for making the choice to be a bigot. I despise people for choosing greed over empathy. I despise those who embrace fear and rancor over curiosity and joy. No system currently in place in the western world can cause a decent, thoughtful, intelligent human being to make the lesser of these choices.

  15. Wow, I couldn’t have put it any better. You’ve described both far sides nicely.

    Bigot- a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

    Rancor- bitterness or resentfulness, especially when long-standing.

  16. @Yep, if the last several elections were choosing the lesser evil, you should be annoyed that the electoral college twice “corrected” you and went with the bigger evil.

  17. My definition of bigot is someone who fears/loathes those who differ due to inherent traits – race, colour, orientation, gender, et al. And yes, bigots disgust me because you have made the choice to be a bigot, you weren’t born to it. And yes, I will admit to remaining rancorous towards the bigot who raised me. But again, he made the choice to be a vicious, foul-opined right-wing a-hole, so now he needs to live with the fact that not a single family member wants anything to do with him. And he, like many of you RWNJs, is dying alone.

  18. If I was an American I would be furious that the will of the majority was repeatedly thwarted by the will of the venal and the stupid.

  19. I see. So you choose your own definition of bigot rather than than the one from the Oxford or Cambridge English dictionary. And because you hated your father you have an hatred of anyone conservative or at least more conservative than yourself who you label right wing nut jobs.

  20. Feck, okay you pedantic half-wit. I hate unrepentant racists, sexists, and homophobes. So yeah, that would be RWNJs who are generally one of these, more often than not all three. And I am also irritated that you lot continuously use semantics as a means of reflection.

  21. That should have been deflection, before you start up with the semantics/grammar Nazi-ing again.

  22. Oxford Dictionary: Bigot- a person who has very strong, unreasonable beliefs or opinions about race, religion or politics and who will not listen to or accept the opinions of anyone who disagrees. How is that so much different?

  23. I happen to find it funny how some people justify their behavior including using terms against those they disagree with but which also fit their own behavior.

  24. Lame “but grammar/oxford”-attempt from a bigot here.

  25. I don’t consider allowing people of colour, women, or the LGBTQ community to have the same rights as straight white men to be an unreasonable position.

  26. And neither do I. And I have never posted any group deserves less rights. But I do find it interesting how some groups justify their actions and choices. You despise people who choose fear and rancor yet many groups of the far openly left do so and in numbers and are actively being encouraged by some politicians on the left. You label those you and they disagree with to be bigots yet that term can also describe them. I wonder how long before the antifa groups become more violent in their goals…much like the brownshirts. Or abortion clinic bombers. Or Oklahoma City. Or….

    Additionally, I don’t agree with trump. His antagonistic attitude with China is going to cause a recession. China is already finding other trade partners. He is causing foreign relations to go downhill. I don’t think Hillary would have been much better. Shes really not much different than him.

    But if neither side reigns in their mobs that’s what we are going to get. Opposing anarchy.

  27. Forgot to add the wacko right seems to be pretty small groups or individuals until pressed then more come out of the woodwork and armed or a small group or individual goes violent while the wacko left seem to be larger groups of more moderates and better organized but not violent except environmental groups. If the wacko left adopt wacko right methods then real problems are going to happen. It’s a ticking time bomb.

  28. Just love reading the comments by liberals, if the actual took time to read what they have submitted they would realize the ones they are ranting about are themselves. They ooze hatred, racism, sexism the list goes on and on.

  29. Guys marx failed to consider why the cheese isn’t free

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