Knowledge is Power…

17 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power…”

  1. ITP: autistic people cannot form questions properly

  2. I’ve never had this problem.

  3. TL;DR
    Reading is good, but long jokes aren’t.

  4. Bunch of snooty Francis hating commenters. How many of them would have understood this as a child?

  5. That is not funny

  6. Cool but not that funny

  7. If France is bacon, then Germany is wurst.

  8. Viva La France !!!

  9. that’s one of the funniest things i’v ever read, but I’m stoned and drunk… its still really funny

  10. Bacon is power
    Bacon is knowledge

  11. Bacon is cholesterol.
    Bacon is heart disease.

  12. Like so many false narratives of the past, how much cholesterol you eat has no impact on blood cholesterol. That narrative is as old as global cooling, and is so 70’s ago.

  13. You put a hot chick on an ad even if it advertises the end of the world and I’m going to click it.

  14. being a hot chick myself I totally agree.

  15. hmm

  16. talk sense, not funny

  17. plot twist: the father also got it wrong and just repeated it to him

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