Forget Everything You Learned In College

Here’s how to land a good job: got college, then apply for a job, then forget everything you learned in college to perform well at said job, then keep working yourself to the death because you have to repay student debt. Makes sense, right?

Forget everything you learned in college, you won't need it here. But I didn't go to college. Well then, you're unqualified for this job.

21 thoughts on “Forget Everything You Learned In College”

  1. Keep them small, keep them dumb. The 1% needs slaves.

  2. Get back to work, Mongoloid.

  3. Vote Trump 2024 you plebs!

  4. Having been an American “slave” for decades with a paid off house, acreage, snow mobiles, dirt bikes, a fifth wheel, a boat and over a million in retirement and 401k’s plus social security in a few years I can tell you it’s not so bad. You just have to work hard for it. Better off then the Euro pools for sure but trash all you like. We don’t care because we live well. As “slaves”.

  5. What does the average college student learn:
    How to skip class
    How to properly drink
    How to con your parents for extra cash
    How to par-tay!
    How to have guilt free sex
    How to freeload from your friends
    How to avoid the Deans vacation list.
    How to acquire test answers.
    How to fool yourself by actually graduating.
    How to get a job with only a third rate college diploma.

  6. What do the less educated learn? ” Would you like fries with that? ”

    Note – Most of us who went to college actually learned a lot more than that crap on your list. We didn’t cheat or freeload either. Your post is another great example of anti-intellectualism though. Very on brand for the anti-vaxer crowd.

  7. and so humble too!

  8. A U.S College diploma is equal to a high school diploma in most parts of the world.

  9. And yet they live so much better make so much more then you. Go figure.

  10. And if one does not even get that far they can always do sour grapes commentary. While waiting for their shift to start as a Dollar Store greeter.

  11. Dollar stores don’t have greeters, idiot. You above anyone should know that.

  12. I’m an engineer, and I can tell you that this is the opposite of what technical interviews are like. I’ve been through dozens of interviews and they always involve technical questions, and some of them are about stuff I haven’t had to use since college.

    My day to day work doesn’t usually involve a lot of those technical details, but I still need them from time to time.

    College teaches you skills you’ll need on the job even if you pick a less useful major. In college and at work, you need to be able to complete long difficult tasks even if when they don’t seem that useful. You’ll have to learn to deal with difficult people and stressful situations.. You’ll learn to work together on projects. A degree shows you can handle all that. It’s crazy how expensive it’s getting though. That will have to change.

  13. Save your money. You will will need it when you’re replaced by AI.

  14. One broken leg and all is gone though. 😂

  15. He probably has no need to go to a dollar store. You on the other hand seem to be an expert. 🤔

  16. First of all you’ll learn to learn.

  17. What’s a “Euro pool”? Genuinely interested in why you feel you’re better off than aquatic leisure centres on the European continent.

  18. Not really, just an observation, asshat.

  19. Yeah, sure. *winkwink*

  20. Dollar store greeter got fired. Now there isn’t a greeter anymore.

  21. Do you miss him? Nobody left to help you find out where to stock the shelves?

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