Lying Scumbags!

10 thoughts on “Lying Scumbags!”

  1. A bad case of late stage capitalism.

  2. I just pictured Gordon Ramsey eating that spaghetti…

  3. ewwwww…..

  4. He’d probably react the same way to the chili even if it was fresh in the restaurant and looked like the picture on the box. The spice mix in it is strange.

  5. Well, the Arizona can isn’t wrong, Canada is within the American continent, just north of The United States of America.

  6. Alternative facts.

  7. I hate Kellogg too.

  8. A black man from Nigeria in an ice cream truck sold the Scooby-do to that white boy who took a picture and posted it to social media. Hateful.
    That makes you a racist, who hates blacks and Muslims who was working towards a political science degree while paying for a sex change operation and feeding 12 children.
    Shame on you.

  9. EVEN KREDENS (from the 1st picture) LIED?
    My world is over :-(

  10. I love that someone separated the sultanas from the bran. Now that’s commitment,

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