Proof That The Earth Is, In Fact, Flat

Your move, stupid round-earthers! Try to explain why our shoes have flat soles if Earth is round! You can't.

22 thoughts on “Proof That The Earth Is, In Fact, Flat”

  1. Because the earth isn’t 30 ft in circumference.

  2. Stop it! Geometry will explode their heads.

  3. Circomfrence?
    So now you invent words as well?!

  4. Because our feet are curved like that and shoes will flex to accommodate that curve.

  5. Show your work.

  6. Flat earthers have to show their work. They are the once questioning established science. Those are the rules. Always have been.

  7. Irregularity of the ground are much higher than the effect by the curve. People are just stupid.

  8. @Anon
    You must have taken a Wakandian math class because you are so smart

  9. This is your brain on Common Core “math”.

  10. Some people believe the earth is flat. Some people believe Justine is a God and Biden was fairly elected. You can’t fix stupid.

  11. Over 60 federal lawsuits confirmed that the election was run according to the constitution. The supreme court agreed.

    The justice department and all the election officials agree the election was run fairly.

    Trump supporters are in denial and no longer believe in the rule of law. Chose the constitution, not a sore loser.

  12. There is no valid evidence the earth is flat.

    There is no valid evidence the election was rigged. The republicans are now trying to rig the next one by keeping people from voting.

  13. Today : Arizona REPUBLICAN election official want’s insane lies about 2020 election to stop. Calls Trump “unhinged”.

    At least some of the GOP see the truth.

  14. Trump ridiculed the US worldwide. You can be lucky to have new president. He’s funny too in a clumsy way. Which makes him human. But he’s not rediculous, pathetic and unlikeable like that women grabbing narcissistic monster Trump.

  15. Leftists just can’t let Trump…or their election fraud…go.
    They’re almost as funny as the pictures here!

  16. Uhm, isn’t Trump the one who doesn’t want to go away? And his fraud in 2016 is basicly acknowledged. He got big help from Putin. As is his attempt to overthrow the government in a coup. In other countries he would have ended up against a wall or on a rope.

  17. Just can’t let it go? That’s funny.

    TRUMP LOST fair and square. You are supporting LOSER! He keeps telling you lies and republicans that can’t let it go and move on. The GOP used to be about free trades and small government. Why give up on that for a loser like Trump?

  18. If you believe Joe Biden barely won the election you have to admit the Native Americans fairly lost North America.

  19. barely = fairly
    Firewater too powerful
    White man make me type bad

  20. “Leftists just can’t let Trump…or their election fraud…go.”

    As a former Republican, I’m sick of hearing this crap. The party used to be about taking responsibility for your actions. Now it’s about lying, corruption, and destroying democracy. And it’s especially cowardly to blame everyone else for your own lying and shameless behavior.

    This is why I left the GOP. And The only people who remain are cowardly and corrupt liars, just like you and your comments.


    I’m glad some republicans understand.

    I’d really love it if we come through this with a 3rd party, but it looks like they are working to rig the next election. Elected (currently republican ) officials can override the election results if they aren’t happy? Scary. I’ll be happy if we just get through the next elections with our democracy intact. Vote for democracy, no the loser Trump.

  22. All flat earthers have absolutely no concrete evidence. I can explain it all away.

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