Did You Spot It?

17 thoughts on “Did You Spot It?”

  1. What’s wrong? Took me 2 seconds – a Russian troll wrote the crap on the picture.

  2. They hate us because they anus.

  3. They hate you because you are basicly thieves.

  4. US will be the number one exporter of oil soon. A hefty chunk of it coming from North Dakota. Didn’t Jefferson buy North Dakota (and other states) from from the Frogs? And that was before oil was a thang?

  5. BTW; Venezuela needs some liberty in the near future.

  6. I know your’re trolling, but still: How DO you get free oil by killing terrorist groups or removing dictators from a country, and then giving the people of that country a democratic system that makes them decide for themselves who they want to share their oil with?

  7. “and then giving the people of that country a democratic system”

    Anyone else spot the accidental ignorance?

  8. Tell it to the million dead Iraqis, or the Syrians living/lived in ISIS territory under US supervision, I believe the term is “moderate beheaders”, or maybe the civilians killed with liberating white phosphorus or freedom bombs, there’s too much to list here but that’s a start.

  9. I did.

  10. Alright, let’s take care of this.
    1) No more just US and Japan funding UN
    2) No more foreign aid
    3) No more free defense for Europe
    4) No disaster relief
    5) Ban contributions by private citizens to other countries.
    Remember the Christmas tsunami in ’04? Indonesia wasn’t saying where is China to help, where is Russia to help, they were saying where is USA.

  11. Let’s see.
    1) UN funding is measured by the GNP. So, US doesn’t pay more than others do in comparison.
    2) Your decision. But don’t cry when refugees try to cross your borders or countries which you harvest resources from are destabilized.
    3) Europe’s defense isn’t free. As the US most of Europes countries are NATO members and finance the defense alliance. The ratio is between the members is negotiated for each new budget. The USA are part of this negotiations and agreed to the budget by free will. Following your argument defense of the US is also free as the other NATO members would assist in case of an attack on US soil.
    4) Once again your decision. But don’t expect to get something good out of it and remember you will encounter more destasters in the future due to climate change.
    5) So the fighters for personal freedom and non-taxation want to cut freedom for those who decide what to do with their own self earned money. Sounds hypocritical.
    The US of A pride themselves as the greatest country on the planet, God’s chosen land, and you wonder why everyone wants your help? Are you dumb?
    See? Your populist bullsh*t destroyed. Next time bring real facts to the fight.

  12. Yeah, the civilians would be so much better of if we just left them alone with ISIS. And when they come to our country, we’d better let them in or SJW’s will fill the streets, shouting “RACIST” at everyone who don’t like sharia. Oh wait, they already do that.

    Left-wing logic, always one step ahead of your brain.

  13. Umm let’s see
    1)Get a life
    2)Get a life
    3) Get a life

  14. @Ebee: Wouldn’t Dat and his Eurocronies just have a COW if the US did ANY of those?!?

  15. @Dat

    1) if US makes more money than others, it’s US’ business. UN contribution should be flat rate. Go bark at other tree for free money.
    2) go bark at other tree for free money
    3) Europe pays $10 for a $1000 dinner dish. No, Europe does not control tribute enough. The answer should be: go bark at other tree for free money.
    4) go bark at other tree for free money
    5) I agree with Dat

  16. LAME

  17. Sven Vas Deferns back in 2019, bite me.

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