Fish Market How Offers This Convenient Service!

Maybe even within your lifetime: "May I have a plastic bag? Already inside." A fish with a plastic bag already inside? Awesome!

20 thoughts on “Fish Market How Offers This Convenient Service!”

  1. Comes also with mercury for DIY thermometer

  2. Oh you can rub it, and scrub it, and wash it like hell,
    But you’ll never get rid of that fishy smell.

  3. This has already been used/shown.
    Suggest new material, please.

  4. That’s what your mother said.

  5. New material… Okay.. Heart attacks have increased by 30% in people 25 to 40 in the United States. Hmmm 🤔 What could be the cause? Gas stoves? Global warming? Eggs and red meat? Couldn’t possibly be the most obvious cause. No way.

  6. It’s just the stroke season

  7. The conspiracy crowd will certainly understand your message. Unfortunately
    what you wrote is nothing but B.S.
    As they say in sports broadcasting, statistics are for losers.

  8. Vaccines are made using statistics. What exactly are you implying?

  9. At this point your denial of facts actually proves the facts. You would have to be purposely trying not to see the truth. It’s a cult.

  10. Oh, wait, now you’re listening to what doctor’s say about how people are dying? And you care?

    I’d say that was progress, but you’re still just spewing crazy propaganda.

  11. US has no health system. No wonder you all die. It’s not vaccines. It’s capitalism. You are just slaves.

  12. “The first year of the COVID-19 pandemic saw a steep rise in cardiovascular disease deaths in the U.S., with especially high mortality rates for Asian, Black and Hispanic people, according to a new statistical report from the American Heart Association.” Note this rise happened before the vaccine was available…

  13. Indeed. Because covid-infections can result in hearth desease. Known fact. Not to antivaxxers of course. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

  14. We will never admit that we were fooled. Never! We’re far to intelligent to fall for that level of… aakk..uuug.. my chest.. I… can’t breath… 💀.
    No need to argue the point. Just wait.

  15. Yes, antivaxxers were fooled by conspiracy nuts, conmen and fascist leaders.

  16. Just keep telling yourself that

  17. The Führer: “Vaccines are Jewish medicine. Better use homeopathic Germanic medicine.”
    Patients: “We dead.”

  18. Wow. The Fuher. Did you mean Justine Socks Trudeau?

  19. No, can’t you read? Obviously you can’t write either…

  20. Trudeau derangement syndrome.

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