Why Are They Called Firetrucks? It Doesn’t Make Sense.

English language makes no sense. Why are those big red things on wheels called firetrucks. They are not filled with fire. They are watertrucks. Can someone please explain this in comments?

Babe, just tell me what's wrong? Firetrucks are actually watertrucks.

18 thoughts on “Why Are They Called Firetrucks? It Doesn’t Make Sense.”

  1. and worse, watertrucks have water, too!

    Time to set a fueltruck on fire.

  2. Great news for Calgary, and the rest of Alberta. Trudeau will not be
    attending the annual Stampede this year. Good riddance!! Stay back
    east were you belong.

  3. Fire Trucks have ladders. Fire Engines have water

  4. Trump is actually a criminal.

  5. If Donald wins the next election we will know it’s rigged. Same as the Supreme Court.

  6. I think you’ll find they’re called Waterengines not Watertrucks

  7. Engine, squad, quint, ladder, pumper, tender. They have to be simple terms for firefighters.

  8. Only one user got it right, fire engines are for hauling the pumps and water, the fire truck is for hauling the equipment like ladders! So no fire trucks are not water trucks!

  9. Leftest Logic:
    We don’t need guns because we have the police. So I guess we don’t need fire extinguishers since we have the fire department. Welcome to the new word order.

  10. In a civilized country you don’t need guns. Your guess is rightard logic failure.

  11. We don’t need a military either because right wingers have AR15’s and Camo Cos Play outfits. Also, don’t need vaccines or doctors because they got Facebook for all their medical knowledge. Horse de-wormer fills all medical needs.

  12. So be a victim. Stand defenseless while illegal immigrants break into your home and rape your wife, daughter etc.. But some choose not to be victim’s. And that’s their RIGHT. Get over it.

  13. Don’t criminalize immigrants so they can gets job legally, earn money and can affort trauma therapy. All the sudden they won’t need to break into your home and rape your butt. (You don’t have a wife or daughter. At least not with consent of the wife.)

  14. It’s so much easier to blame people who don’t share my skin color though! That’s the trump way!

  15. Immigrants who fled their own countries like rats from a sinking ship don’t deserve to come to ANY country. If they didn’t have to guts to stay and build a better country for the next generation why would any country want them. Cowards who abandoned their own. Disgusting.

  16. Where did you go to learn how to troll? Sock puppet school in China?

  17. The truth always hurts a bit. You’ll get over it. Now go home and help your countryman build back better. Just kidding. We all know you won’t. 🤣

  18. “countrymen”, guess we can’t expect a kid who uses emojis for words to figure grammar out! Maybe a foreigner might help you with that, considering your country has failed you!

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