What To Do If a Bear Attacks You And All You Have Is a Knife?


Remain calm, stand still. Stab repeatedly until you die. You are going to die anyway. Might as well try to beat the record for pre-death bear stabs which is 12.


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  1. Sadly, the only advice the world has to offer Ukraine…

  2. They had them too. Gave them up on word from the rest of the world to have their backs. oops…

    • Russia demanded they give them away or they wouldn’t be allowed to join the west. Russia lied. As usual.

  3. The bear is a cub. Needs rockets to kill and maim old people and children.

  4. Who’s side was Ukraine on in WWII? Germany. They fought for Hitler. They still have Nazis. The real one’s. Lot’s and lot’s of them. Just saying.

    • There were elements in Ukraine that fought with the Nazis. Because they fought against Russian oppression back then. They weren’t part of the Sowjet Union by choice. For them it was a fight for freedom as well.
      USA has Nazis, too. France. Italy. Spain. Every country has Nazis. Russia has Nazis. They are killing civilians, women and children in Ukraine at the moment.

    • History Buff March 19, 2022

      Stalin killed millions of Ukraines in the 1930/s. Germany looked like
      the better of two evils. Pity the Nazi’s killed hundreds of thousands
      of Ukraines as well.

    • You folks on the Left can defend anything. Even Nazis. Because the Left are always Nazis at heart. Always.

  5. Trump and the Repugnantcans are pushing Russian lies – I mean ffs go look at video – read some history – you guys get all of your information from Russian bots on the internet and it is pathetic. The left defend Nazi’s? The right is actively seeking Election restraint – lying about elections – pointing to pockets of the citizenry as ‘less-than’ (i.e. trans and those with other religious views and of different ethnic or cultural backgrounds than WASPy). I mean – – you say the left defends Nazis while your party is doing everything to replicate the hate-filled sheep to allow them to do whatever they want. Do you think any of the Republicans care about America – the state of the Union? if so – where is one idea from their side that shows a willingness or a thought to fix it? Instead it is a constant push to have one side pit itself against another – You have been conned by Trump and the republicans – Putin thought his work was good enough to slide into Ukraine and have a divided world – Joe and the rest of the sane politician’s from the other countries inside Nato stood firm – and now Russia is f’d

    • You do understand that Ukraine is not now and will never be a NATO county right? Also, the Democrats are completely in charge in the US. Politically and culturally. They control the media, the internet, the “influencers” and all three branches of Government in the US. So how is it that the Republicans are so bad when they have no political power, are canceled from the internet and have no real media presence or voice? I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life but I have eyes and ears. The Left, whatever that is, is at the helm now. And the Right, whatever that is, has no public voice. Any belief that the Left disagrees with like closing the border, protecting women and girls sports from men who think they are women, or having at least a little respect for the American middle class is ridiculed and silenced. Only the Left has a voice now. You should be happy! The US is a one party Government now. Yet there is still all this whining about the Right and Trump when only the Left can get out their message and all other opinions are canceled. Why all the crying when your ideology has won?

  6. It you want to hear the right voice on your TV, all you have to do is press a button on the remote. Your rant only shows that this option is beyond your mental capabilities. And how come voting rights and abortion legislation are currently being restricted in many states when the left is so-called in control of the country?

  7. Name me one right wing media outlet besides occasionally Fox. Where is all this right wing main stream information..? What are the channels or the names of the News Papers?

    • You want me to tell you where you get your propaganda from?

    • Serious question. Understand that you can’t name any. That’s the point because there are no main stream channels or papers for the right. EVERY THING IS LEFT. Yet all you hear is whining. Out of touch is one thing, but retarded is another.

    • Fox is not left, nor is OANN. If you are as extreme right wing as you are, everything is left.

  8. OANN? Haha. Wow. So 1 and a quarter then compared to EVERY ONE ELSE IN THE MEDIA. Why lie about winning haha. Some people just can’t take yes for an answer. The culture war is over and the Left won. But like all Lefts, you’ll still keep whining pretending you the ones being deplatformed. Narcissism is not pretty.

    • Rheeee, it is not the left but you that whines about being deplatformed. Or did you already forget what you posted several lines up?

    • Just stating the truth. Look at the world, the Left runs it. How can you even deny that? You’ve got your panties in a bundle over someone stating easily observable truths. All that is happening can be laid at the feet of the Left. I just get tired of all the finger pointing at the powerless right. It’s the Lefts world now. Take responsibility for it and stop blaming people who have no control over it. It just makes you sound weak.

    • Blaming me for things I haven’t said makes you sound very weak indeed.

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