Here, Take My Strong Hand!


Trump reaches out to female voters.


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  1. ( Or minorities.)

  2. And still he’s the strongest candidate for 2020. Democrats who don’t buy into far left’s clown world are going to shift their votes to Trump. Tim Pool made a good piece about this: It starts with OP;ED, but finishes with analysis of numbers.

  3. thus –> hose

  4. With all the other faults a man may have, you have to concentrate on his hands? Fie! Shame!

    • Do you really think his hands are what people have a problem with? He’s speaking in this photo, that’s where the problems start.

      I think it’s more about the lies, corruption, and hate.

      Swamp King 2020!

  5. Earth, man. What a $h!+h0le…

  6. Phil T. McNasty August 22, 2019

    Not funny.

  7. Another post with TDS, and more hate and division from the left. This is why Trump will win in a landslide in 2020. You wonder why you and your ilk are alienating the public with these vile attacks.

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