Sorry Hillary

41 thoughts on “Sorry Hillary”

  1. I’m I the only one that supports Hillary everyone around me especially my friends just love this pri*k

  2. Thanks for your support

  3. The president in this meme (and the maker of the meme) seem to be confusing being a ‘female’ with being a ‘****’, which has nothing to do with gender.

  4. Rep.. Dem… Red..Blue..
    Purple! Grape drink is the answer, baby!

  5. Yeah

  6. Thanks for your support

  7. Would explain his moods.

  8. That would not make him the first female president but the first transgender president. To a liberal that is the Trump card.

    *Cue the sunglasses and The Who theme music.

  9. Lol your welcome bill and Hillary 😂

  10. Me president you vote me?

  11. I love trump he likes cats

  12. I ate a sandwich with underarm hair😝

  13. Lol😂😂

  14. He likes fat women I should know:-(

  15. I’m a worm not a man

  16. :-(

  17. I eat poo

  18. I got blue waffle disease

  19. Oh cat god looks like the troll got onto me now

  20. …and his tiny hands.

  21. Hillary is really an alien lizard so she wouldn’t be the first woman president anyway.

  22. Where’s Zelda? Dollars to donuts that thing is the troll.

  23. I’m here. I eat poo.

  24. I love dogs

  25. I’m SCatMan

  26. Scatman 😂😂

  27. I cooked mayonnaise in a microwave can I eat it?

  28. I like rattus

  29. Yes

  30. We all know that going to be rattus

  31. Hi

  32. Lolol Kauf says yes lolol

  33. I think the troll is probably hein
    I’ve been looking back at the images and seen trollish behaviour on the posts he feels insulted
    Just speculation though

  34. Not American, and even if I were, no interest in running for any sort of office. Not even interested in climbing the corporate ladder. Just like to go home at the end of the day and not think about tedious crap. Can’t do that unless you’re a Trump-quality president, and I do have enough pride to not want to be that.

  35. Of course I’m one of the trolls :D
    But there isn’t just one. My name was being impersonated before the Rattus trend started. Probably everyone that comes here regularly is being a troll.

  36. I’m not. I’ve never impersonated another poster, and every opinion I’ve offered has been genuine.

  37. @Rattus
    Looks like most of them target rattus
    Lol must be attracted to you

  38. @Hein
    I always suspected Kauf left the site ages ago😂

  39. That wasn’t me lol

  40. I am Kauf Buch

  41. Thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

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