Check Out Instagram’s Natural Beauty Movement: Bearded Women


It seems that more and more women on Instagram are embracing their natural beauty by joining the #beardedwoman movement… Don’t be shy, leave your thoughts in comments.


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  1. Why are so many of them fat?

    • Maybe there is a hormonal correlation. Anyone studied medicine?

    • polycystic ovary syndrome can cause obesity and excessive facial hair in women.

    • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can make it easier to gain weight but doesn’t actually cause obesity like some seem to suggest. Case in point, Jillian Michaels has PCOS.

    • There all fat

    • That is almost certainly down to hormonal as well. These women are usually apple shape which is caused by too much testosterone, as is the beard

  2. F)(*&%%ing disgusting.

  3. Wow….I…

  4. Fast and loose with the word ‘beauty’ there.

  5. Pretty sure a couple of those are dudes in drag.

  6. The Lone Wonderer August 15, 2018

    Let’s see what’s on the internwhaaaaaa?!
    Ok bye for today!

  7. not as an offensive remark. but is it just me? or a few of them have also very masculine faces? as in even without beard *and without voluminous breasts* they could pass for men. human genes are so weird…..
    wonder if their chromosomes have double gender overlap?

    • Look up the syndrome in jerry’s comment. It’s not genetic per se.

  8. Looking at chest tattoos, pictures 3, 11, & 16 is of the same person.

  9. Id hit that.. I mean like literally.. with the backside of my hand..

  10. These are guys. Most off them. Lol

  11. Mr. Truffles August 16, 2018

    Horrible! HORRIBLE!

  12. The last phot is photoshop: no skin texture, just blurry color.

  13. ‘Women”

  14. Really, this is beauty, not at all. These weren’t beautiful women to start with, and they each have pretty non discript looks. The beard is the only thing that makes them interesting, no if they’re looking for a partner let’s hope they’re a lesbian or they don’t mind extremely weak and feminine men.

  15. Omg delete this

  16. Ben mollitor September 6, 2018

    That’s gross !!!!

  17. Dishusting, remove the Word beauty from the title you morbid retards

  18. The only real bearded lady in these pics is #7. She was featured in a documentary. The others, for the exception of maybe one are dudes! People, please don’t be so gullible!

  19. *circus music intensifies*

  20. The faces of liberalism

  21. They spelled hideous wrong

  22. They’re asking people to comment, I wonder what they’re expecting us to comment after having our day ruined by such sights.

  23. I can’t comment, nothing I can think of seems appropriate to write on a public post. Jesus!

  24. Nature can be cruel. These men are ugly honestly.

  25. I can’t believe how many nasty, insulting, negative comments there are on here! What if that was your sister, your mum, your friend, that suffered from this hormonal imbalance? You’re all disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves. Good on these women for being brave and sharing their pics, they’re braver than any of you will ever be.

    • Real men would offer up a razor at least. And some shaving cream regardless if it was a sister, mom or friend.

    • My sister wouldn’t do this posmodern piece of shit.
      Stupid fat cows.

    • My sister is a female, and has been from birth, and same as our mum! We’re NOT adopted, I’m Tipping that has a lot to do with why I’ve NEVER seen them with as much as wiskers, or a 5 o’clock shadow let alone a beard!!

  26. It’s called Cushing Syndrome and it may also be a comorbid entity of Polyquistic Ovaries Syndrome.

    It’s because they have an excess cortisol production which causes weight gains, facial hair growth, hipertension and diabetes.

    They need to be checked if its by a medication they take or by an adenoma in their adrenal/suprarenal glands or another hypotalamus/hypofisiary axis condition.

  27. No surprise they are all whales

  28. Síndrome de Ovario Poliquistico

  29. Just let people do whatever they wanna do. Women are growing beards, so what? Let them do their thing. Its not like they’re hurting y’all in any way. Ffs. People need to grow tf up.

  30. I can’t imagine looking like that. Does it attract the opposite sex? Or maybe the same sex? I just don’t get the point. I know I wouldn’t do it.

  31. As someone that suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome I have had to live with this side effect through no fault of my own. Reading the cruel comments above reminds me that some humans, even with their own imperfections, can be a disgrace.

    • Shut up fat feminist snowflake

    • Honey, the problem is not the syndrome itself at all, the problem is not taking care of it, let it destroy your face and feel proud about it like many of those did.

  32. I’m scared and confused…

  33. And this, my daughter, is what happens when you get drunk at parties.
    Pubes crazy glued all over your chin.

  34. I Love Bearded women.

  35. 6th one from the top is Jack Black’s sister.

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